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May Moopai wrote:Hello Ryan
You post was very interesting.  And though I’m not what you’re looking for, I’m very interested in the herb you you mentioned that regenerates brain cells.  My daughter is severely autistic and non verbal.  I’m always looking for organic ways to improve her situation.  If you wouldn’t mind sharing this info or any info that could help me aid her I’d greatly appreciate it

Greetings, May!
You've likely read at least some of the research that suggests a strong possible link between autism and the microbiome, but some of the helpful sources I've come across are Mark Hyman, MD., Daniel Amen, MD., Justin and Erica Sonnenburg, Martin Blaser, Emeran Mayer, Ruairi Robertson, and What I've Learned (on Youtube). I hope for the best on your quest to improve your daughter's well-being!
1 month ago

Orin Raichart wrote:Hi JoJo,

Come join us at the Permies Boot Camp!  

You'll meet a steady stream of guys and after a month, you'll get an acre to try some of your ideas out in real life!

Check it out here: Permies Boot Camp

Very fascinating, Orin, thank you for sharing that with me. I will give this option some serious consideration. :)
2 months ago
I get the feeling that most of us here are more earthy and pragmatic than the typical dating website crowd, so I’m going to speak more candidly and go into more detail than when I’m on a typical dating website. I will include my very carefully orchestrated “typical dating website bio” at the very bottom of my post, but I really feel that it is insufficient to describe what I’m searching for from a homesteading perspective. There are specifics I would like to cover here that get down to the real, meaningful stuff - at least, pertaining to my homesteading goals.
A few disclaimers before we continue: This is going to be a lengthy post. I feel like I’d rather be transparent and informative to save us all some time in the long run. I don’t really enjoy using my time on social media and would rather be doing almost anything else, so I’m going to say a LOT more here in this permies post than I typically would. It's pretty rare for me to take photos of myself, but I'll attempt to include a few recent ones.
You’re going to read the word “love” quite a bit, because I’m an extremely passionate and caring individual who feels that there’s something to love and appreciate about everything, and I don’t feel like using my time deciding on a variety of synonyms to replace it.
Oh, also, I’m not religious and have no interest in it, particularly the “white man with the beard” representations. I do relate strongly to many aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism, and I enjoy studying a variety of spiritual thoughts and practices from many cultures, however, I feel my deepest connection to spirituality through experiencing the nameless and indescribable genius of nature and researching the science discovered by the most inquisitive minds our beautiful world has to offer.

Greetings! My name is Jojo and I’m a 31 year old pansexual woman who is fairly fit and strong, and continually on the path of improvement and progression. I do at least 45 minutes of yoga nearly every morning, followed by a work-out and typically a cold shower (because SCIENCE!). During my childhood, teens and early twenties, I had several injuries to my back, head and various limbs, and my health declined quite a bit during the process of recovery. I’m a very tenacious individual, however, and through perseverance I have healed my back and body, released 65 lbs, and regained my strength and prowess. I’m now able to once again work hard and stay strong in my endeavors, and I’m devoted to continual improvement and healthy maintenance.

I grew up in construction and lived in the mountains, where I developed a deep reverence and adoration for nature, creatures, architecture, landscaping and discovery. Creating an incredible and unique homestead has always been one of my highest aspirations, and I have poured hundreds of hours into research and practice.

I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre, and I adore Renaissance Faires, Pirate Festivals and LARPing events. I also LOVE many styles of architecture, especially medieval and fantasy styles.  I’m an avid artist and I love sculpting, designing incredible homesteads, and enhancing community. All this to say, I want to create an epic homestead that is an incredible food forest ecosystem, which spans the scope of fantasy types, each represented by themed buildings and landscapes, which flow in and out of each other. A few examples of the themes are: medieval royalty, elven, dwarven, orcish, dark forest, pirates & mermaids, steampunk, and a large and complex Japanese garden area. I would love to host events as well as healing therapies and learning workshops. My absolute top goal with my homestead is to create a Sanctuary of awe-inspiring beauty, profound peace and exciting adventure which powerfully touches the hearts and expands the minds of each individual through the experience of investing time in a place of incredible variety and intelligence. I want the land to be vibrant and prolific with life, abundance, art and creativity.
Imagine walking through a magnificent woodland studded with moss-covered statues and whimsical fountains. As you meander along a stone path surrounded by moss and herbs and flowers, you round a bend and a unique tower stands before you, beckoning you to climb to the top and view the landscape from above. You open the brightly painted and intricately carved tower door, and inside your vision is filled with rainbows of light - you look up to see stained glass panes, and windows with crystals in them, and a wide variety of mirrors that adorn the mural-painted and gem-studded walls.
You climb the spiral staircase, and each window shows a different view of the forest around you. When you arrive at the top, the large windows are clear and you see the entire landscape spread below. Skylights with crystal inlays are set in the painted ceiling and cast beams of shimmering light, and there is a telescope standing near a very comfortable looking chair, inviting you to take a look at the world with a new perspective.

I care a LOT about the well-being and happiness of animals, so to say that I’m “particular” about their living conditions doesn’t even begin to cover it. I believe it is vital to thoroughly research any animal that might be part of the homestead, and ensure that its highest level of happiness and well-being is being maintained and enhanced by the human companions who have decided that the animals will live there. I believe that any animal harvesting should be done with great care and consideration, and sparingly, and although for the majority of my life I intended to raise animals as a primary food source, I have recently been enjoying chiefly plant-based nutrition, and I would like to dedicate the majority of the homestead to growing a vast variety of nutrient-rich and fascinating edible plants.
Don’t get me wrong, though, I grew up harvesting animals, I’m not squeamish, and I feel quite competent in processing animals humanely. However, my body, heart and soul feel better when I focus on eating plants, and I appreciate it when I don’t need to take an animal’s life just so I can have a few tasty meals. When I do eat meat, I prefer it to be wild-hunted and wild-caught, and I would like to create an ecosystem which supports this type of lifestyle, rather than focusing on farming animals in fences and cages. Plus, I gotta be honest, I really hate having a regularly scheduled time commitment of cleaning up animal poo, and would much rather leave that up to nature.

I want to be part of a strong community, and would like a partner who enjoys socializing and has well-developed social skills. It’s important to me to be with someone who knows how to build rapport, give and receive respect and gratitude, and is conscientious of the people, creatures, land and environment around them. Someone who is observant and cleans up after themselves is someone I will get along with very well.

I’m going to address a very serious subject here that I know will make some of you feel rather uncomfortable, but I feel that it is too important to ignore - not only for my sake, but for society’s sake. I am only looking for a partner who, for their own positive and healthy reasons, does not view pornography. I’ve done a lot of research on the science behind it, and I’ve had many unpleasant experiences from partners who have been frequent users of the drug that pornography is, and I have absolutely no interest in having it be a part of my life.
Attraction to other people is normal, and that’s not my problem with it, my concern is that porn acts like a drug on the brain, and not only reconfigures the how brain works, but it also wears out dopamine and the pleasure-center, potentially resulting in a chronically cranky partner who is unable to feel completely satisfied with anything they experience or create(and that’s just the tip of a terrible iceberg). Which is one of the suspected correlations between pornography use and the current “Boy Crisis” (that’s its label, not my own words) we are experiencing in our culture. I won’t go into more details here, but if you’re curious about these subjects, I highly recommend researching them. YouTube has quite a few fascinating and easily-digestible videos which explain the science and statistics.

I don’t want to worry you with that last paragraph about how a relationship with me might be in an intimate setting, rest assured, I am a very sensual woman with an active and healthy libido. As with all other subjects I’m passionate about, I have invested a lot of time in researching and developing my own healthy relationship with sexuality, and I’m looking for a partner who has done the same for themselves.

I have a love of family and creating community. I have no children, and although I don’t necessarily need children, I would like to build a lifestyle that supports the healthy development and happiness of kids, teens and young adults. I enjoy being a friend and mentor, and appreciate the free-flowing imagination and love-of-adventure that younglings naturally exhibit. I would be a devoted and creative mother, who encourages curiosity, independence and rational thinking, and who shows by example the values of gratitude, love, caring, respect, consideration and generosity. Through my devotion to the world and the peoples and creatures within it, the children in my life will experience the perspective of gentle strength. I hope to be a part of providing the opportunities to grow their minds and skills to become proficient and influential adults who feel a sense of purpose in their communities and value what they create in their lives.  

I’m currently living in eastern Washington, but I'm happy to relocate, and would love to live somewhere with a longer growing season. I don’t smoke cigarettes or vape. I do enjoy the positive benefits of cannabis, mostly in the form of tinctures and pain-relieving balms. I don’t have a moral problem with alcohol, however I almost never drink in order to preserve my health. I am quite fascinated by the process of distilling tinctures, quality spirits and vinegars, and using them to promote good health when used medicinally/tonically.

Alright, here's my "typical dating website bio":

I am an artistic quaintrelle with an intellectual and thoughtful personality. Painting is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I love drawing, sculpting, carving, writing, music, and any other creative mediums I can get my hands on! I’m excited to experiment with many different forms of art during my lifetime. One of my favorite vocations is tattooing, and I have found being a tattoo artist to be profoundly gratifying. I feel honored to utilize my expertise to bring the masterpieces of my client’s psyche to the surface.

I am happiest when I’m immersed in nature and surrounded by plants and water, especially if I’m discovering something I’ve never seen before. Nature has the most delightful surprises, and I cherish opportunities to experience them.
Hiking is one of my favorite pursuits, I mean, is there anything better than standing at the top of a cliff with the crisp wind whipping about you and birds flying below your feet?
That being said, I don’t have nearly enough experience with geared rock climbing and would be thrilled to gain proficiency in that skill.  I also want to go skydiving and scuba diving someday!

I relish gardening and have a colossal passion for growing things. My projects are on a small scale right now, but ultimately I am working to establish an historic homestead with luxuriant gardens, geothermal greenhouses, bountiful food forests, aquaponics systems, stunning statues, beautiful water features, and more. I want to utilize my time and skills to leave a legacy that will continue to grow and provide abundance and sanctuary long after my lifespan.

I am incredibly fond of cooking and baking. Creating a delicious meal is one of the most enjoyable parts of my day.  I feel that there is something unique and special about preparing and savoring food with people you care about. The alchemy of crafting a successful recipe is really satisfying and feels a bit like weaving magic.

I enjoy getting deep into conversation and have a voracious curiosity. I'm an interested and supportive listener with an easy laugh and caring personality. I love learning about others’ passions and celebrating their successes, sharing enthusiasm for what intrigues them, and soothing the soul with clever banter when it’s been a stressful day.

I consider myself to be a lifelong student, and tend to invest inordinate amounts of time careening down the rabbit hole of research. Once inspired by an idea, I can spend hours drafting plans and possibilities. It’s easy for me to lose myself in a good book and I’ve been an avid reader for most of my life. One of my favorite goals is to have a personal library in my home someday with an antiques section.
I believe home is a sanctuary of growth and healing, a launchpad to success, and therefore keeping my living space clean, organized and beautiful is one of my top values. I enjoy creating a pleasant environment to relax in and provide the space for new ideas to flourish.
2 months ago