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since Mar 17, 2020
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Recent posts by Clayton High

Hi Eric, just wanted to let you know the winter clothes you sent with Beau are going to good use! They're a little big but it's much better than what I had.

Thanks you!
3 weeks ago
I have one thing to say, and one thing only:


Thank you for your time
1 month ago
BRK Day 11

You got it Greg, it is in fact a Lofthouse Maxima. And yes, it is a bit small haha

1 month ago
Got some pretty cool stuff this time around
1 month ago
BRK Day 10

Glad you liked it Inge! I didn't realize it was died with madder (I had to look up what that is). Super cool!

Funny that you knew I would choose the red/pink one, I guess you've gotten to know me pretty well through my blog haha
1 month ago
BRK Day 9

Today's BRK is a tribute to Inge and her awesome beanie!

Thanks Inge! Also thanks so much for the awesome seed assortment, can't wait to try growing some of your Dutch variety veggies next year!

1 month ago
BRK Day 8

Picked up some hay this weekend, I got 18 bales for my plot, and Jen and Josiah got 19 for theirs. We also found a wild elderberry plant on the way back and harvested 5 quarts or so of berries!

Chestnuts have been facing some heavy predation, I suspect the grasshoppers are getting hungry
1 month ago