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Louis Bodzin

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since Mar 13, 2020
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Recent posts by Louis Bodzin

hi Jane, i'll be happy to chat with him and share  more info this is my email:
2 months ago
Hi Tj, my name is Louis 43 Im very interesting in your offer i have a lot to share and give.
looking forward to chat more please contact me email:
best regards Louis B.
3 months ago
Dear Elena,
My name is Louis 44yo, have been thinking and practicing going off the grid over the last 10 years.
I am kind, honest, fun, adventurous, outdoors type, I have over 25 years of construction skills, I
Love cooking, traveling dancing and having romance nights.
I’m looking to meet the right woman that have the same interests and passion of building a permaculture off the grid tourism/community farm.

I love your post looks like ours dreams and goals can be linked, if you want to keep chatting with me I will more than happy to hear from you🙏🏼.

Louis Bodzin
6 months ago