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Has anyone used to buy or sell equipment?  If yes was it a good experience?
thanks in advance
5 months ago
Solectrac electric compact and utility tractors has just offered shares at the ground floor level.

check out their 3 tractors at

I think they are on the right track with tractors for small farms, green house, landscape, confined livestock etc.
7 months ago
lol - lets buy them out and get rich ... lol
10 months ago
Funny you should bring that up D Nikolls - I had much the same concern and e-mailed Solectrac a few days ago.  I just got an answer back a few minutes ago. Apparently they are going with hydraulics for implements and the loaders now for the very reasons you mention.
The lift capacity has not been tested but by the engineering estimates are 2300 lbs. breakaway and 1650 lbs lift.

in my digging about I found a small ripper cultivator combination in Ohio that should work on these tractors.
10 months ago
It varies by model and charging source 220 or 110.
Anywhere from 2 hours on the smaller cars to 4 hours on 220v and up to 8 hours for larger cars on 110.
The Solectrac is about the same - Run time varies of course with work load but it seems like it might work out to about 3/4 of an hour to an hour of charging for an hour of work using a 220 V source.
I need to sleep some time and a mid afternoon siesta never hurt anyone
10 months ago
We are told that we can now drive all the way across Canada in electric only powered cars if we stick to the Trans Canada highway.  In western Canada all of the hotels have plug in stations to recharge however in the winter there is the down side that your charge time doubles and your driving distance  drops bu as much as 50% at minus 20.
10 months ago
I think you answered your own question - it depends on how the electricity was produced.
Here is our source breakdown for Ontario
About 90% of electricity in Ontario is produced from zero-carbon emitting sources:
58% from nuclear,
22% from hydroelectricity,
8% from wind, and 2% from solar.
9% is primarily from natural gas, with some biomass and diesel.
10 months ago
I am "green" to the subject.  I found a tractor built in Russia that is a diesel electric power unit that claims to do the same amount of field work on 15% less fuel which I suppose is an net energy gain from not having a transmission. The start at 360 hp. 10 times what I was looking for.

I did learn that they (Solectrac) have a quick attach loader coming soon from Westendorf in Onawa Iowa.

On the water discussion I have friends in the tractor pull game that tell me they can pull up to 3 lbs. of atmospheric water per gallon of diesel.

The 1.4 gallons of water from a gallon of diesel figure I was using came from this website.

I did some poking around at a couple of electric car dealerships. The mechanics dont like the EV's because they only come in for brakes and tires.  The salespeople are ambivalent. I did talk to some EV owners and of course they sold themselves.  Their only thing on their wish list is longer fun times and more plug in locations on the highways.  They have to carefully plan their trips around places to recharge.

Thanks for the reply
10 months ago
Looking to talk with an owner of a Solectrac electric tractor.  I was looking for a small farm tractor with electric drive and came across one in Mendocino CA They dont have any dealers or customers in Canada that I can find.
My interest in electric drive started with trying to find alternatives to paying our carbon tax on fuel here in Canada. In my search looking for options I learned that burning 1 gallon of diesel takes 1.4 gallons of water out of the air and exhausts 22.4 lbs. of  CO2.  That convinced me that electric is the way I want to go.
10 months ago