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since Feb 16, 2020
Advanced PDC in forest gardening in 2010. Permaculture Teachers include Peter Bane, Eric Toensmeier and Pavlos S., Holly Baird and Corbin Baird,  Carey Smith, Don Moorman, David Haberman, Kieth Johnson (in no particular order). 1st PDC from the Permaculture Activists. 2nd PDC from Woodbine Ecology Center, Sedalia, Co.

B.A. from UIS in Sustainable Living Systems
Midwest and WNC
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Hello, we have 26 acres on Walnut Mountain, about an hour north of Asheville (10 miles north of Marshall, NC). It is a forested old tobacco farm with 3 creeks, on which my partner David Reed built a few tiny cabins a year ago. We rescued some chickens and pigs this year. We Look forward to connecting too!

Currently We are looking for temporary housing this winter in Asheville as I am due to have a kid in January and want a bathroom where water won't freeze for a home birth!
5 months ago
Hey there, my partner has 26 acres in Marshall, NC. we live there in a few tiny cabins he built a year ago. We will expand the cabin next year for our expanding family. I'm expecting in January so we won't have much time to develop the acreage. It's an old tobacco farm on Walnut Mountain. We have electricity, an old barn and an old house for materials. Three creeks run the land, it's very steep and wooded. Any developments must not compromise our creek water, as we drink it. If interested in working out a lease, email me at  
5 months ago

I hope you found what you were looking for.

Your ad seems to want an oxymoron: young and experienced

If you would consider middle aged fit couples,  you might have better luck.

For example,  I am in my late 30s, and fit enough to be a sought-after artist's model and agroecosystem manager. My partner is in his late 40s. He has 30+ years of construction experience and is a professional natural builder now by trade.  

I would love to live in Puero Rico. I'd take it over our Western North Carolina mountain estate any day.  I was born in Lousiana, my partner in Texas.  I would like to avoid winter, practice permaculture on a homestead, and stay in the US territory as I am a military veteran and have free medical service at VA hospitals.

We both speak Spanish.  My partner is part Spanish and part native American.  It just makes sense to relocate to P.R. He has a 12 year old daughter who is very active outdoors, and interested in science, but lacking in cultural life in redneck America here.  If you know anyone who is looking for middle aged neighbors,  lol...🤣😽💜

10 months ago