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Minimum 3 months July-Sept
Maximum 5 months June-Oct
Trial period.
Would be open to continue if we get along and there’s enough production happening to justify it.
Mastodon Farm is located in SE Michigan near the Ohio and Indiana borders.  My property is 60 acres, half of which is habitat of various types.  20 acres of production is mostly pasture with some vegetable ground and a small hoop house.  I currently have chickens, cows, pigs and bees.  I also produce maple syrup and wildcrafted medicinal herbs.  Working towards more perennial fruit and mushroom production.  

I am on a dirt road in a quiet area, surrounded by Conventional agriculture and woods.  The property has its own beauty and there is also a very nice recreation area nearby- Lake Hudson State Park has a beautiful lake surrounded by State Park (no development).  They have campsites on the lake, beach, fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating opportunities (no wake).  Nearest cities are Adrain, MI, Hudson, MI, and Wauseon, OH (all 20 minutes).  I am less than 1 hour from Toledo and Jackson and a little over an hour to Ann Arbor and Detroit airport.  1.5 hours to Lansing and downtown Detroit.  

I am offering room and board to a reliable and like-minded individual in exchange for help around the farm.  I travel a lot for work during the Summer so the individual would need to be trustworthy and a self-starter.  My primary concern is having someone around to keep an eye on things while Im traveling (busy times are July through Sept but dates are open ended).  The individual would be welcome to use some land and resources to develop their own enterprise (vegetables, broiler chickens, beehives) and keep the profits from what they are able to sell.  I currently sell a little bit of meat at one farmers market and a few vegetables and honey through at CSA at work.  Individual could contribute to these efforts or develop their own opportunities.  

Lodging options include spare bedroom with full bath in the house, finished basement with kitchen and half bath, airstream trailer (unfinished), or camping (on farm or at the State Park).  Produce and eggs will be freely available.  I get lots of free Organic vegan food from my job (beans, grains, etc) which would be freely available.

I am engaged in a number or homesteading and permaculture activities.  I am challenged by construction and mechanical problems so if a person has those skills they might be able to generate some revenue by completing projects around the farm.  

I am religiously and politically agnostic.  Cat, turtle, and a couple large annoying dogs occupy the house.  Cannabis friendly is a plus but not required.  Im flexible on your personality and goals, my primary concern is that you will have a respect for the livestock and the environment and follow through with whatever arrangement we may agree on.  I cant be left hanging halfway through the season with a bunch of contract work already committed to.

Please contact me with questions.  Looking forward to meeting some new people and continuing to develop my paradise!