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Yes.  From fresh fruit.  Some were kept in water for a week or two since I read citrus seeds needs to stay wet.  Others were planted as we ate the fruit.  The seeds came from my tree, and a friend's tree.
6 months ago
Ok, I need experienced help.  
I planted 58 loquat seeds in 4" pots in my greenhouse, central Texas, watered each day to keep moist, compost soil (Not fluffy, but more heavy),  planted 3 months ago April 1.
Some in sunlight others in shade (both in greenhouse)

Only 3 have sprouted.  Some are still hard. Most turned to mush.

There must be some trick to sprouting these since I'm generally successful with other seeds.

Can any experienced loquat sprouters give ideas, or the conditions in which you were successful?

-TheRainHarvester on YouTube
6 months ago
I just posted a video in another thread, then permies suggested THIS thread.  I should have posted here first:
6 months ago
Now, I love the occasional huge zucchini!
It saves on the grocery bill for sure!


What else have you guys done with zucc-enormandy?!

-TheRainHarvester on YouTube
6 months ago
I am a mosquito magnet.
Lately, I've wondered where all the mosquitos are!

I also wear old tuxedo shirts. The weave is tight, the arms are long, and the collar buttons up around my neck (I flip it up). White reflects the sun and doesn't attract mosquitos.
Pants, tux shirt, and socks for the day stay in the laundry room for every time I go out.  Helps with chiggers too.  Surprisingly, the long shelves and pants don't make me sweaty.  I take a wet snapping cloth and wear it like a scarf.  It keeps the sun off and evaporative cooling works.

I put cups of attractive algae water around then dump them when larve are trapped.

In my duck weed pond, I added a tiny frog I found.  I need to find some little fish.  Hard to get them without stores.

- TheRainHarvester on YouTube.

8 months ago
I made a quirky production out of using UV flashlights to catch tomato caterpillars:

(Can you tell I need more garden beds to keep me busy?!)
8 months ago
Ok, the grape buds finally flowered.  Here is the pic.

What's the verdict? Is this vine a male or female ?
8 months ago
Termites are usually what attacks the wood here in centralTexas.  Definitely do not double up boards in termite country.  I pulled apart 2 and found termites in between!

I used polyethylene sheet and pine wood for some quick raised beds.  But I dug into the ground then put wood on ground level.  The poly is crumbled against the sides and the boards are only 6" high, so not a lot of soil pressure will mash the poly against the wood, (which would hold water next to the wood).

In Texas, I don't allow for drainage in my poly lined beds.  It's too dry here! The poly lined beds are the most lush veggie beds out of all the beds!

-TheRainHarvester on YouTube
I wonder if aircrete could be used?

Will aircrete hold water for a cistern?
Over freeze/thaw cycles?

Like this:
8 months ago
Hi Jim,

I know galvanized metal contact to water is a problem with fish.  (Their gills malfunction.)  It seems like people drink out of galvanized tanks, but I wonder about the health effects.

Galvanized is probably ok for the garden.  Heck most homeowner's roofs made of asphalt shingles drain into their yard.  And yards have gardens.  Mine included.

I want to build a 6000 gal tank.  Maybe 2' high bolted galvanized flashing set in cement.  Use silicone caulk around the bolts so no liner needed.  I can't figure out how to stack the 2' high galvanized flashing....

Has anyone constructed a tank since posting?  I'd love to hear about any tips, mistakes etc.

-TheRainHarvester on YouTube

8 months ago