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Recent posts by Paula Broadfoot

For those of you fortunate enough to have a well, you may wish to consider a Brumby pump.  No moving parts, virtually no maintenance, and works on the Venturi principle.  It can run off of a very small air compressor, powered by a solar panel.  They are easy to install, and have been used in third world countries to move water for long distances, and on remote ranches to draw water for livestock.
1 month ago
It's not letting me click a choice on the kickstarter page.  I've reloaded the page, and still having problems....
Any ideas?
2 months ago

Thekla McDaniels wrote:Hello Pomegranate enthusiasts!

I still have my seedling, now about 4 or 5 years old.  I have moved and moved, and brought just one seedling along.  Now I have settleed, and am at 6000 feet.  In unpacking, I found the pomegranate seeds others donated to my project years ago.  I have enough to share, and think that's a better uyse for them thean letting them age in storage.

I am interested in trading, rooted cuttings or seeds.  What have you pomegranate people got?

PM me, OK?


Well.  I must be incompetent.  Can't even find where to PM.  I noted that this quote is a year old, but curious if you still have some seed.  I have a 9 yr old dwarf pomegranate.  Not cold hardy, so it has to be moved into the greenhouse at night.  We have been relatively mild in winter the past few years, so we are probably due a bad one.  However, I would be interested in purchasing some seed, if you still have extra!
4 months ago
Just ordered some potato onion seed off of Etsy.  I was hoping to get bulbs, but they are rather pricey, if they don't take hold.  My Egyptian walking onions have thrived, despite some challenges, (lately, the chickens have discovered that raised bed, so time to fence it off!)  I'll be interested to see how they do!
5 months ago

James Landreth wrote:I think the biggest thing that people don't think about is water. Many people don't think about the fact that their water source is dependent on electricity. I see a lot of really wonderful farms that are sustainable in many ways but don't have a secure water source. Water isn't just about hydration and hygiene. Growing food requires it in many, many circumstances. I don't know of anyone whose diet is significantly made up of food that wasn't irrigated. Many people are trialing growing orchards from seed with no water, which is cool, but no one currently eats a big proportion if their diet from it, that I know of.

Even irrigating from a pond requires electricity. And if the grid is down, it's likely that maintaining or buying new solar panels will not be feasible

For those with a well, you might consider a Brumby pump that works on Venturi principle to move water, and is driven by an air compressor, which could be hooked to a solar panel.  They use these in third world countries, and
have also been used in remote areas to water livestock.  There's no moving parts, nothing to wear out, and it is easy to install.
5 months ago
On the advice of someone on one of these forums, I bought a "corn knife" from Tractor Supply.  It makes short work of chopping comfrey, and is reasonably priced.  Actually, very inexpensive, at less than $13.
We'll see how it holds up!
5 months ago

Dana Martin wrote:

Paula Broadfoot wrote:I love creeping jenny as a ground cover.  Supposed to be good for wounds, but it can also be invasive.  Not a problem where I am letting it run.

Is that the same plant as bind weed "Convolvulus arvensis"? I have this morning glory ALL OVER! It is the bane of my existence! I have been struggling with that plant from hell for 12 years now. I would recommend anyone not to let that devil weed get out of control. I swear if you sit long enough at my place you will have one if not 2 of those devil plants trying to climb you. My poor clover is gets choked out by that stuff. I spend at least 2 hours a night pulling that shit. I will compost them until they get the seeds on them. Then into the fire they go. I bet i pick probably 3 or 4 5 gallon buckets worth every night. I do have poor soil so i know its trying to be a ground cover but uggghhhhhh!

No.  not the same plant.  This one doesn't flower, as far as I know.  Here's a bit more info:

It overwintered in Arkansas and has behaved itself, thus far.
6 months ago
Yikes!  I have had this happen at my property, which is one of the reasons I got chickens and Guineas.  I will note that the swarms of grasshoppers we have had in the past few years, are greatly diminished.   I did use grasshopper bait, which has to be applied early, to help control the population explosion, did work well a few years ago.  They come under the trade name of Nolo Bait, Semaspore,,   and are based on a microbe that kills the early stages.  That also seemed to reduce the destruction in the following years.

Obviously too late for this year, much like my initial situation with the swarms destroying my garden.  Row covers helped with the destruction, in the years that the adults got ahead of me.
6 months ago
I love creeping jenny as a ground cover.  Supposed to be good for wounds, but it can also be invasive.  Not a problem where I am letting it run.
6 months ago