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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the reply.
The lake downstream is blocked with a bridge to our driveway so there isn't a large stream connecting the pond (only a few PVC pipes or so).
There is a great blue heron, a otter, and a few ospreys that used to frequent the pond but i haven't seen them since the tar incident.
I will try the the nursery, any suggestions on which species of fish to restock the pond with?
Also how many fish should i start out with?

Again really appreciate the advice
8 months ago
Hi all,

About 4 years ago when my driveway was getting blacktopped, a storm came and washed all the tar into the pond. The next few days almost all of the minnows, sunfish, and bluegills were killed. It has been several years, and the pond holds a healthy turtle, crawfish, frog, and bug population, with an occasional gator but still no fish. The pond is in Florida, its about 30ft by 15ft with a sand bottom, and I'm guessing a max depth of around 5-7 ft. I figured that because the pond is connected upstream to a large lake the pond would naturally restock. I checked the other day and still no signs of any fish. I'm wondering what i should do to restock the pond as its my childhood pond and it hold a lot of sentiment to me. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you
8 months ago