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Recent posts by Toby Winston

Wow that looks amazing! The detail in the hat is insane how did you keep it so clear?
6 months ago
I think I might just list stuff with a 99p start!! At auction, must be cleared before the 29th and see what happens :)
8 months ago
Ah see tools....

I'm a doing person, and have tools to cover almost any possibility...... but I'm having to look twice at them now, and decide if I should keep them or not....

No idea what the future holds and given the current uk "status" people dont want to pay £30 for a saw that cost me £200, it makes letting these things go very hard, but at the same time I'm considering donating them to a local cause.

No excuse for yelling at you though! Anger should only be a last resort, just like war. It does nothing but breed hate and misunderstanding. Costing life and happiness.

There are apps like ebay, but you have to pay to list stuff unless they are on "offer" and they still take a commission

Thanks for your help so far, definitely starting the piles thing!

Lots of lovely thoughts and hugs

8 months ago

Timothy Ettridge wrote:

Why not just send it with the pee?

The pee is sterile and good nitrogen fertilizer straight from your body. Butt wiping water, on the other hand, needs to be decomposed for a full year to be safe to simply apply to one's land (as pee is right away).

Sill but would this help my grass grow faster?  Have had to re seed a section of grass where I left the tipi for to long... haha!!

I love what I learn on here
8 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:Hi, Toby

We did something similar to your situation a few years back. I made three pile and labeled the "Keep", "Sell" and "Throw away".

Dear hubby wanted to have a dumpster brought in and just put everything in the dumpster.  Though this didn't sit well with me.

What I did was have a "Estate Sale".  When someone asked who died, I would reply that I was selling my Estate, all the things I owned. Like a living estate.

I only priced things that I felt had some value or that I could not part with unless someone gave me money.

When someone ask for the price of the items without a price tag I would reply "How much will you pay for it?" and that is what it was sold for.

The object was to get rid of stuff and somethings I just could not put in the trash.

I hope you will get some value from my experience.

That is fantastic!

If only there was an app where this could prosper!

I seem to remember there is one for unused food from restaurants etc....

Thank you!!!

Time to make some piles!!
8 months ago
This is quite fascinating!
8 months ago
It's crazy that I have never thought of that!

Now going to get some antibacterial wipes to clean my phone and otterbox case!

Is there not a possibility that by antibacterial wiping everything we are reducing the effectiveness of out immune system?

Just wondering
8 months ago
Just wanted to say, thank you everyone that posted,

I read this on a regular ish basis makes me feel less glum!

Landrover passed its mot!

Few little niggles I need to resolve before I can sell it but nothing much to worry about!

The boat I had originally wanted is under offer and has been for some time, but I found a slightly bigger boat, ketch rigged, and importantly has had new engine sails and rigging, so it will hopefully be worry free (to the point that boats are anyway) for a while!

My biggest worry is the time left, I find myself daydreaming, or day stressing.... still trying to get past it, sea shanties help! Haha

Sending lots of hugs and love

8 months ago
Hello lovely permies peeps :)

I find my plan to sell up and be out is becoming tougher....

But I have to be out on the 31st no matter what.

I am struggling to actually do something my head is buzzing with all of the "other" things, realising just how broken I'm feeling, and reality is kicking in..... my insomnia is not helping the issue.

I found the boat, off to see it hopefully tomorrow or very soon, my finances did not go as planned and I am still in possession of my biggest item that is the main seller...  I'm essentially going to give him a deposit offer the viewing if I'm happy and hope I can sell up before the end of the month.....

I'm struggling to maintain direction, when selling things ultimately means the "plan" changes when someone wants to pick something up in the middle of my planned nap/other productive thing.

I think if someone has a similar experience and can share that it might give me a tool to use at this time.

I am trying to be kind to myself every day, spending a bit of time watching the birds :)

But that's not productive haha
8 months ago
How strange!

Had someone come to my door to purchase some of my things, and he told me that he has just about a colloidal silver making machine for hundreds of dollars, his brother apparently used it to cure a bad back and cronic headaches...

Did I quick bit of searching and yes it has been shown in studies to do good things, and bad.

The blue thing is kind of interesting. Bit only in a mad scientist way.

I would vote nay
8 months ago