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Hi, I'm Gabi! I'm a 23 year old woman who currently lives in a city and is working as an engineer. I'm extremely passionate about sustainability and alternative energy, and am devoting my life to make technological advances in those fields.
I was raised on a sustainable farm in Michigan, and am blessed to have learned about sustainable farming, energy-saving methods for the home, wood heat, raising livestock and ancestral knowledge such as foraging. Nothing would make me happier than to share what I know!
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When my parents were my age, they ran away together and rented a room from an elderly couple who lived on a farm in the Northeastern United States. That sounds like the dream, I don't know how they set it up back in the 80s, but they made it work! I know that this is a shot in the dark, but its an awful lot easier than searching for rooms for rent on Facebook and trying to filter out the non-farmers. I'm moving to the Denver metro area sometime this fall, and am wondering if there are any permaculture enthusiasts, farmers, or like-minded folks who are looking for tenants. I work as an engineer for my day job, and do freelance water treatment engineering and design on the side. I grew up on a homestead, and would use the living arrangement as a learning experience to further my own knowledge and share what I already know.

If this is not the place for this post, please let me know!
4 months ago
I love solar electric structures, and was in the process of drawing up a design for a greenhouse with solar lighting, but I don't know enough about this topic. I'd eventually love to have a solar electric house. I'm sure this is really expensive, too!
9 months ago
Hi James,

I'm a very young millennial (born '96) and do not know anyone my age interested in permaculture. I joined a local permaculture group composed of some of the loveliest middle-aged and older men and women, though, and I do feel very welcome amongst older people. However, I do long for companionship and shared interests from people my age.

I believe my interest in permaculture was fostered because I was incredibly lucky to be born and raised on a sustainable farm. I kick myself for thinking it was so uncool as a teen, and moving to a hip city at age 17 to go to college. I'm happy with my engineering degree, but I know for a fact that I do not belong in the corporate world or in a city, I would be much happier doing freelance work. Most of my friends my age disagree, and are perfectly happy/strive to work in large corporate environments with hip cultures or for large research/academic institutions, and prefer to live in a large city. We're lucky to be part of the generation that is more environmentally conscious, but most of them have no interest in living on a farm.

I'm currently working in a corporate engineering job and living in a large US city, the millennial dream, so I'm unfortunately nowhere near as successful as you! But, I do have a plan that I'm working on putting into action. I designed some off-grid and efficiency solutions in undergrad, and had the time of my life doing so. I'd love to do that professionally, I'm just figuring out how. As for permaculture itself...there seems to be nothing more meaningful than hard work and the community/relationships that come with it. That is what I am after.
11 months ago
Hi Jim,
I was president of my college's Native American Student Association in undergrad and have a lot of connections/manpower available if anyone still needs help. As most of them are college kids/academics, the most in terms of natural food we could probably do is a purchase or donation, but everyone would be more than willing to help.  
11 months ago
I'm Gabi, a 23 year old recent college grad, currently living in a big US city and working as an engineer. I'm currently in a bit of a "quarter life crisis", as I've gotten to know myself a little better in the past year and realized I have an itching to get back to my roots. I was incredibly lucky to grow up on a sustainable farm where my family and I practiced the old ways of growing food, raising livestock, and building/fixing everything ourselves. Moved to the city when I was 17, didn't look back until fairly recently...anyway, that's enough about me. Has anyone began their permaculture lifestyle in their early 20s/30s? What are your backstories, and how did your journey go?
11 months ago
I’d ship a box full of Osage oranges if I could. They’re all over the ground out here!
11 months ago
Hi, Bri!
I'm a 23 year old recent college grad living in metro Detroit. I'd love to help out on the farm on a weekend, if you ever need extra hands! I grew up on a sustainable farm in SW Michigan so I'm very familiar with farming and caring for livestock in this climate, and I'm hoping to get back to my roots after living in an urban area for college. I'd take you up on the housing offer but I'm moving out west in summer.
11 months ago