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since Nov 14, 2019
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Live on four acre property in north Florida, where I am attempting to grow fruit, bamboo, and native plants.
North Florida
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Recent posts by Chris Mike

Hi Kyra,

I'm working on creating a plant nursery business in north florida that may interest you, although it is just in its beginnings.  Send me a message if you want to know more!

thomas rubino wrote:
I'm thinking some of those neighbors like the larger wildlife with a little salt and pepper...

This is a very interesting thing, because it is true... there is some nature appreciation involved with those who hunt, and they are the conservationists in the area.  I myself am not into hunting, but the conservation aspects seem a plus.  There are a few places around me that manage the land "naturally" with prescribed burns and such, to promote quail.  But, alot of things benefit from it.
10 months ago
Although I start discussion on tropical trees, the moment it starts getting cold (freezes the last two nights) I have to admit I start to change my mind...  I'm such a wimp.
10 months ago

Hugh Holland wrote:A couple of nurseries in your area (Crawfordville, FL) and (Live Oak, FL) are really nice!  

I actually live about directly halfway between these two and have been to both!  I have gotten many things from them!  I'm glad so many people seem to know about them (at least crawfordville).
10 months ago

Carol Denton wrote:Here,you can talk about things like native plants and insects without peoples eyes glazing over.

Yeah it will be interesting...I was previous in a more urban environment in central Florida and the whole native plant or "wildlife" garden thing was catching popularity.  I am in a fairly rural area and I am not sure how attitudes will be different, but so far people around here seem to have some nature appreciation (at least for larger wildlife, not sure on the insects yet!).  
10 months ago

Ruth Meyers wrote: Tell more about your land, your projects, your plans.

Thanks for welcoming me!  I have four acres, about a acre has been set aside for permaculture type growing, fruit trees, bamboo and other useful plants.  The rest of the property I hope to use to grow and propagate native plants, that is my big interest.  I'm not obsessive about "native" status, but I am interested in the connections with animals and insects and the rest of nature.  I would love to create a nursery (possibly doing a little internet business, but rather focus on community nearby).  There seems to be possible demand because people create areas on there land for conservation (usually for hunting but none of my business, if they are creating habitat...).  There are so many aesthetically pleasing plants native to the coastal plain that I think people will really take interest if they are not aware of them (and I assume many aren't because there is not alot of pristine wilderness anywhere, mainly farms and timber land.  There are obstacles but I'll see how far I get!
10 months ago

Mart Hale wrote:Hi,

Haha yup, I have stumbled upon this awesome place.  Almost all my fruit trees have come from them!  Mart, I think we share a somewhat similar environment, my big interest are native plants of the area.  So hopefully if that is of interest of you I may be a future source of that!  
10 months ago

Travis Johnson wrote:

What does the soil report say for available nitrogen before you plant, versus after you plant?

We had our soil tested (I think university of florida) and they claim they do not test nitrogen because it fluctuates too much.  Is that true and "normal"?  Suspicious...
Anyway it wasn't part of the report.  However most nutrients were rock bottom (minus phosphorous, off the chart, because, well, Florida I guess).  Its quite barren in its natural state.  By the way this has been some fantastic information.
10 months ago
Interesting about the heat... I planted the crimson clover which had that inoculation coating and I threw it right on the surface.  Even in cool season it gets hot out in the open sun, I wonder if it could have been too harsh?
10 months ago
Thank you that is very helpful...I have a strong suspicion the soil has something to do with this.  It is very sandy and drains heavily, I wonder if the bacteria is quickly washed out of the soil.  I will experiment with this, thanks!
10 months ago