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Cassie Langstraat wrote:hey ya'll, cassie here. smiley one back in action.

i have the great pleasure of working with Elemental Ecosystems now (a lot of you on here know Zach Weiss i think) and i wanted to share one of our new videos about a project we did in coastal British Columbia. it's a pretty special one, focused on water retention specifically to provide for the clients’ children, and for all future generations that will steward this property.

This is such a good video - thanks very much!
1 year ago

Adrienne Halbrook wrote:A big help for us back when we had a few big projects to do was to have portable play things to move along to different areas around the property for our toddler. A sandbox, slide, little play house, etc. was a bit of a pain to move but it really helped keep her entertained so we could get more done at a time.
Also when it was hot, setting up a "teepee" or tent in the shade where she could lay down with her water bottle and some books or toys was nice for her.

Having her own little tools helped to keep her busy while she "helped" us work and made it less likely she would snatch one of ours and loose it somewhere.

Packing a going-outside bag with easy to eat snacks, water bottle, some extra clothing, wetwipes, bug spray, sun hats, sunglasses, etc. was really helpful and saved a lot of time. If she was hungry, got her shirt dirty/wet and HAD to have another one, got her hands dirty, etc. I could take care of the problem right there instead of having to take her all the way back to the house and then all the way back out to the work site.

Took her little kid potty outwith us to. Saved a lot of bathroom trips!

This brings back so many memories - thanks!
Recently a cousin's young daughter brought out some biology textbook of her father's from college and started pointing at plants she wanted to grow. They had used a reference book earlier that week to wrap up something around the garden. They had a great laugh, but it underlined the fact that kids might not look like they are listening to us, but they are always watching us!
1 year ago

Travis Johnson wrote:Back when teenagers were allowed to work, we as kids would get employed by the blueberry companies. An old school bus would come around the neighborhood and pick up the kids, then off we would go to the blueberry fields.

They would take string and stake out the whole field in these 4 foot wide rows. We would then be assigned a "row" and we would have to rake the row clean. We would rake into 5 gallon buckets, then haul them to the winnowing machine that cleaned the blueberries. Every bucketful we would get our "tickets" punched, and so they would know how many pounds per day we raked. A decent 5 gallon bucket would weigh 18 pounds or so.

This went from July until school started in September.

Up in northern Maine, they start school 2 weeks earlier then us, mid-August. They did that because they had fall vacation in October. Up there that is when the potatoes were harvested and they closed the schools for 2 weeks so that the kids could help get the potatoes in the store house.

I have heard of this from a neighbor - she and her siblings were regulars. It was hard work, but they also had fun, she always said.
1 year ago
Yes, it does burn well.
1 year ago