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Recent posts by Perry Overton

Congrats on your new book!  I am still honored to have had the privilege of being a proofreader on the first edition!
4 months ago
I thought the queen box went on the bottom as well.  Do you think it would matter if I moved the queen box to the new location and then place the queen-less box on top?
7 months ago
I have a couple of splits that didn't successfully requeen.  When doing a newspaper combine, does it matter which hive goes on top?  The one with the queen or the one without?   Asking because the one without the queen is in a better location.
7 months ago
I find this very interesting and will need to see how I can make this work on my property vs. traditional dam construction.   In regards to the leaking, I agree with Mick Fisch regarding the beaver pooh as a possible solution.  Geoff Lawton and others recommend using ducks (Muscovy in specific) to help seal a leaking pond via pooh buildup.  Any chance you could add your own ducks instead of waiting on wild ones?
8 months ago

Daron Williams wrote:
All good points! Thanks for the comment - I'm careful with some plant contagions too though sometimes I just move the chop-and-drop material over to areas with different plants. Depends on what I'm dealing with. I'm working on planting more plants specifically for chop-and-drop. Lupine seems to be a good one at my place but I'm looking at others too.

Just looked into ordering Lupine seeds and the vendor site had the following warning "All parts of this plant are poisonous, including the seeds. Exercise extreme caution around children and pets. The purchaser assumes all liability relating to the use of this product."
Pressure canning.  We like it because it is preserved and fully cooked.  It works greats in soups and stews or you can eat right out if the jar.
9 months ago

Marco Banks wrote:Turkeys!  Seriously -- turkeys are fantastic re-mineralizers.

I was looking for a good excuse to get turkeys, this settles it!  :)
1 year ago
I feel I have quality garden soil already.  I started with good top soil and for the past three years have been adding compost spring and fall.  In addition, last year I started using a cover crop that is tilled under in spring.  Finally I have an aquaponic system, that I use water from to create compost tea and water my garden.  But will definitely have a  a "complete" soil analysis done.

I guess this is what I was really looking for:

Bryant RedHawk wrote:
If you want to supercharge your produce you would want to make an addition of a non purified sea salt (My preference is Sea-90 which has 97 minerals present) so that you are providing more than that 75 mineral count that land based soils can have.

Thanks RedHawk.
1 year ago

Mart Hale wrote:I used to use volcanic rock dust,  I have moved more toward using un sulfured molasses to help jump start the biology.

Thank you for your feedback.  Any details on how much to use or how you applied it?

1 year ago
I am looking to up the mineralization of my garden soil with the intention of more nutritious fruits and vegetables.  I have looked at things like rock dust, azamite, and green sand.  Wonder if the group has recommendations on these or other ingredients and a preferred recipe or ratio for their amounts.  

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
1 year ago