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My name is Daniel. I am 42. Very physically fit. I live in Ohio. I have an associate degree in construction and carpentry. I had a remodeling business in past. A janitorial and floor care business. I have done all aspects of construction, from poured walls, roofs, painting, just about all. I have lived on farms. Can use saws, split wood, garden, and even have knowledge of alternative building. I can cook amazing. Being a janitorial man, i def clean, great at organizing, great with kids and animals. I have a lot of energy and drive. I am a kind man, old soul, values and morals. So... Many story, short.

I am recently divorced. I get along with her and her family great. See my kids a lot. When we were together we had a janitorial floor care business. We sub contracted services for 2 grocery stores, same owners/ stores. She left me. Remarried, and stores went out of business. So, I went from being married and making a $1000 a week to, go find a job and survive on my own. I have tried my best. Had a janitorial job for years. I am still single, lonely, nit happy with my living arrangements, I miss construction work, having buddies or a Friend, living happy, feeling alive. I am totally ready to make a change. I have so much to offer and nothing to loose. I can help you. I have tools, books on everything, camp supplies. Just need help. I can work and find a job easy. Can we talk please? Maybe see if I could be a good fit.
Pics of me and some construction. My experience is vast. Many different skills.
1 year ago
Yes, i watched some. I lived in a tent in winter before. I know it will be harsh weather, but I have been wanting this lifestyle for many years.
No, they will stay here at their mom's. I am trying to rebuild after a divorce. Just want to find a caring community to call home. I have do much to offer and always planned on living this way. I feel the time has come to make it happen.thank you for responding. They will always come visit though.
I am Daniel. I am trying to raise the rest of money to come live there. I know I would be a great fit. I have construction experience, knowledge of alternative building, I have tools and so many skills. I am willing to work hard and help. I just need a fresh start. Life in city has been hard. Please help me. I dont have a support group here, just my kids and a few friends. I have like $80 and will round up more in a few days. I was working but car died. I keep looking at this site and know this is what  I want from life.
If I come now can I stay through the winter. I will work and help anyway needed?
I am Daniel. 42. I am so interested. I am feeling list in life. Everything you described is beautiful. I have an associate degree in construction. I also have skills like automotive, tree work, landscape, farm life. I am intelligent and hard working. Went through a divorce and didn't recover well. Need help feeling alive again. I am interested in talking. Thank you.
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Hi. I am Daniel. 42. Recently divorced. Father of 4 . 1 Granddaughter in Michigan with daughter whom I met only once. Basically that word valnurable sums me up. I feel lost in life. Alone and emotional now. Cant live in the city anymore. I have been planning on leaving for many years. My valnurable nature has made me a target to get hurt. I am a cancer. I love all things, all people. Compassionate and kind. A hard worker. I want to fee I appreciated. To help someone, who will help me. I am an amazing person, been my spirits are down. I def need a family. I can't continue living the way I am. Thank you for listening.