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Recent posts by Bihai Il

Ah, I first posted the detergent in the dish wash BB.

The blue bowl is more like a half gallon. I'll attach more l took with the other container.
I'm wondering if used bath water would count for this badge. I tend to bail it out with a 5 gallon bucket.
Either way, I used my dishwater. I use Ecos brand dish detergent, website:

I saved a few days' pictures.

Here's draining the sink.  

Predump 1

Postdump 1

Predump 2

Postdump 2

Predump 3

Postdump 3
Yes, you also! It's had to spend that much and be disappointed.
2 months ago
I used this recipe for sourdough pizza dough:

Here is the pizza creation:

Measuring sourdough starter.

Adding ingredients.

Dough ready to rise.

Risen dough.

Shaping pizzas.

Adding toppings.

Ready to cook.

Jalapeno pizza cooked.

Mushroom pizza cooked.

Marcia Meyers wrote:Has anyone found footware with the perfect combination of sturdy, zero drop and supportive of natural foot action?

I was looking at Vivobarefoot for those reasons. I haven't bought a pair though. I ended up with a cheap cheap pair I use in wet conditions for now. They're awful for digging.

Here's a link:
2 months ago
I would also say that I am building homesteading skills on an urban plot. I start the year with grand plans, and as the year progresses, I learn grand lessons.

My biggest issue starting out was getting organic matter. It's still a bottleneck, but it's improving. A huge limitation in this space is there are many buried lines and hanging ones that limit digging and planting options. We're also renters so I don't want to do things that would be problematic. That said, I can do anything reasonable.

My whole yard is visible from the street. I try to keep it neat, but this year was a failure for neatness. No one complains though, and I still get compliments. I guess people appreciate effort. And it's not a total failure. There's lots of food and flowers and the soil is definitely improving. Most importantly, I'm learning.

This year, there have been so many interruptions that I've had to come to terms with the fact that outside forces are a part of life too. The disruptions may keep me from my goals, but the circumstances required reprioritizing.
The smoke will clear and the gardens will grow.
2 months ago
I used a cup of (mostly) quinoa and (a bit of) amaranth in 2 cups of water, cooked for 20 minutes.

Really simple and good. We often keep some in the fridge to make a bowl with it, a protein, and some ferment.

Picture of the Ecos  dishmate detergent back label, and their website FAQs.
Link is:
2 months ago
We don't haved a dishwasher, and not much counter space for dishes to get too out of hand, which is great. I tend to leave used soapy water in the sink to wash dishes as they come up in the day, usually as soon as i drain it I find something to wash. I'm using Ecos brand dish soap.

Here's the dirty counterful.

Scrubba dubba.

Drying clean dishes.

2 months ago
I was sweeping anyway, might as well get a BB.

Floor before:

Sweepin pile:

(The pink things are hardy Begonia flowers.They're tasty, sweet tart like. Not eating out of a floor pile though.)

Floor clean:
2 months ago