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Would love to speak with you if this is still available. We are currently in PA and wanna find a permanent place to build a small cabin and harvest the land, have ducks, chickens etc. My husband is a hunter and loves farming. Would love to do it full time. Please email me if you can. I am still trying to figure out this site.


Juergen Lunkwitz wrote:Private 500 acres in Central Virginia.
Are you looking for some land to get away to? Hunt? Practice Bush craft?
We are leasing out a few 1 acre lots to select people or families.
These are raw acre lots.
You are free to do what you wish be it place a tiny house or RV or large garden or livestock or set up for hunting.

The main homestead has
-Electricity & Water
-Kitchen & Shower
-Saw Mill
-Wood working shop
-Metal working shop
-1/4 acre vegetable garden
-HAM Communication
-Short term accommodations if required at additional cost

If this interests you contact us at juergs [at] gmail [dot] com

Rent will be $200/month and looking for 6 to 12 month leases.

Find out more about us at