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S Bengi wrote:I am very interested in 3acres +power+water+some kind of structure for $30k ish. With power and water I assume there is at least a dirt road. So that sounds very good.

30k if you look in the right place.
The more perks a property has the more they ramp up the price. Specially a finished house.
You'll have to find one that has a half done house and was repossessed by a bank. There'll you'll find a good price and one you can even negotiate down.

Many properties are unlisted and only a few local folks know they're for sell. Now, these tend to be on the unreasonably expensive side. The person isn't in a hurry to sell so they keep the price up thinking some foreigner is going to fall for it... Not in a hurry to sell, yeah, even though he might have diabetes, heart problems, and be around 80 years old. I've seen it!
10 months ago

S Bengi wrote:Whats the avg price and size of the land available.

If someonw was to buy just the raw land, how easy would it be to get the raw material to build a house and how much would it cost

Avg size. I would say 7 acres.
You'll find a lot of 3 acres ones, with water and power, many times with some structures, and then you might see 20+ acres that are just jungles.

The pricing is tricky. There is a local notion that for every acre it's 10k. Old folks trying to sell their land, a property that belongs to them but do not live in, might even go higher than that, regardless of the conditions the property is in. Buy using a realtor group and negotiate the price, always.

Getting materials for building is fairly easy. Local hardware stores deliver, Home Depot doesn't, but HD tends to have better pricing and variety.
Getting it to the site, that's another story. It will depend on the topography of the area. Also, you might have to travel, for short distances, on dirt roads, or make the roads, if you don't have direct access from a public road and have to pass through other people's properties. They can't deny you access, it's all already in the zoning documents.
10 months ago
I'll keep looking and if I do end up painting it with some Home Depot rust inhibitor paint/primer, I'll test it and you'll know about it.
I can harvest enough water with one side of the roof, so I can afford to lose one side to a toxic coat.
I don't want to have to get Galvalume for the collecting side... But we'll see.

All further suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks, everyone.
11 months ago

Ben Gorski wrote:Look into Lotusan paint based on the water shedding properties of lotus leaf.


Doesn't look like they make a paint for old galvanized corrugated roofing material.
By the look of the site, their projects, and their products, it doesn't look like I could pay for anything they offer. Some high-end stuff.

I'm just trying to prevent leaks while being able to use the water for hygiene and drinking. The closest municipal water connection is like 800 ft away, and I really don't want to depend on those dumbasses.
The finish doesn't have to be nice, and I'm thinking of replacing the roof between 6 to 8 years from now. This roof was an emergency installation. The house had its old roof blown by Maria and I had a heavy duty tarp for about a year. Now we're here full-time and although no leaks are present, with this weather of intense sun(good for the PV panels hehe) and +120" yearly rainfall, I'm estimating leaks in 1 to 2 years. The galvanized coating is microscopically thin.
11 months ago

John C Daley wrote:Make sure you buy a roof paint that specifically says its safe for potable water - Dulux, Wattyl etc do make them

In Australia Wattyl Kill Rust is suitable.

Found three on the Wattyl website. https://wattyl.com.au/product-details?productId=13205   https://wattyl.com.au/product-details?productId=13124   https://wattyl.com.au/product-details?productId=13221
Wish I could have access to them, but I find nothing on the US from them, let alone in this island.
Would have been a great option.

All the paints I found, even articles talking about safe paints for roofs, come from that area, AU and NZ(I think I saw one from the UK). Apparently, collecting rainwater is big over there.
In the US, and on this island, people depend on their tap water, heavily. The only articles I found speaking of rain harvesting and health are about studies on roof materials, things that come already treated, meaning if you want to collect good water, you might need to strip the old roof off, send to a landfill, and buy new roofing material. I'm not doing that, even if it was within my budget.

So I'll keep looking.

I did find something on the Home Depot website. https://www.homedepot.com/p/AgraLife-5-gal-VOC-Free-Non-Toxic-Clear-Satin-Kennel-Seal-KS5/203322678
"Animal" food safe. Some clear sealer crap.
11 months ago

As the title says. I'm looking for the least toxic paint to go on a galvanized corrugated metal roof I installed some time ago.
It's starting to rust and I really need to paint it.

When I find a paint I'm willing to try, I plan on painting one side of the roof(two sided roof structure), letting the paint cure for weeks, then collect a sample and get it tested. All this while using the water of the other unpainted side. If test results are fine, I'll paint the other side and collect from the previously painted side.

I use this water for bathing(4 drops of bleach per gallon), cooking, and drinking(boil and filter throughly).

Am I being too paranoid about this? Are most roofing paints safe?
11 months ago