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Thank you so much Orin for that brilliant reaponse. I love the idea of the "sacred four" and I definetly want to experience somewhere that has some of those established so that I can learn and recreate. I will definetly look those you have mentioned.
10 months ago
Upon looking for permaculture communities/eco villages on the web i discovered that there are quite a lot out there and It can get overwhelming escpecially if one isnt searching on a particular continent. With openly linitless plans I ask my fellow travelers the communities in which they experienced the closest thing to New Paradigm Permaculture sustainability. In other words, does anyone know the "BEST" communities, the ones that are fully off grid, fully food/ energy sustainable and with a balanced approach to Permaculture and community living. In my humble opinion what should be encompssed in "BEST" community would be one that also has learning/exploring centers where the esoteric Spirituality meets Nature, where Purple meets brown. I seek to find the most Permaculturally advanced community where nutrient rich food is abundant and energy infinite. If anyone resonantes with this and has visited or seen/heard of a farm,retreat or community nearing alignment to what i described please pass on the details.:) I found some promising ones in Hawaii such as Asante gardens and Kanekiki.

10 months ago
Does anyone know the best whole house water filter that removes fluoride and other chemicals while leaving in the beneficial minerals?
1 year ago
  As I sit on the train heading East home now nears. The time has come for me to return to finish what I started. My adventure at Wheaton Labs has drawn to a close. I feel as though its purpose has been served on my road to freedom. Infinite possibilities now await as I gather the pieces collected and turn them into experienced wisdom. The final 20 hour stretch shall provide me with the means for a more than adequate farewell message to Montana and a unifying re-call to my homeland. Sacred tones radiate within as I feel the center expand as I near reunification, with every breathe. to my beloved ones.
  The last few days at the lab were spent finishing up the wofati work. I helped move the first part of the deck, sifted more sand, mowed some hay, sorted the manure and dug out some of the floor with a pick axe to make room for the cob floor. Although I enjoyed working on the wofati Im still unsure as to how it was benefiting and evolving the community,as a whole, towards regenerative sustainability. That was mine and Taylors initial observation week 1. We were truly seeking to direct our energy towards moving the community forward towards freedom but other lessons were assuredly presented. I wish my time spent at basecamp could've been spent on setting up food, water and energy systems but I suppose there are other priorities and a time and place for everything. Once those are complete I believe that energy will radiate outward to the lab and it can begin to become a permaculture hub. I have faith! The latter part of the week Taylor, Cass snd I decided these would be our last days in Montana so I started to gather my belongings and clean the red cabin and take down the tent. Although I didn't learn exactly what I came there to learn, I walk away with invaluable experiences that facilitated bountiful growth. Being at Wheaton Labs also gave me the space I needed to reflect and meditate on how my family and I can move forward into the New Paradigm together forever. I endeavor to show my eternal gratitude towards this once in a lifetime opportunity and am sending only positivity for I know success and abundance is right around the corner for the WLC. Before hitting the road we stopped at the Sage Wall Megalith to honor our ancestors, set our intention into stone and receive ancestral "downloads". The retreat was very refreshing and rejuvenating and it was a pleasure to meet Julie Ryder and hear all of her surreal stories. She truly is the modern day Indiana Jones. (!
  Infinite positive possibility now fills my being as I remember why I came to Montana. East to West reveals my quest of mystical interest, I wrote in December. Into dense materiality I journeyed to provide the space and time needed to receive my highest potential. A profound power has arisen within through this purging process as I saw what no longer could be, the smoke and mirrors were only distractions. My integrity remains brighter than ever for I would never sacrifice what rings true inside. I treat others how I want to be treated as all of my actions shall reflect back onto myself. Like a pebble dropped in water my intention radiates outward projecting my vision unto the physical manifestation of collective abundance. The jewel in the lotus is blossoming!
  As I ground this in I want to state my intention in returning home. I intend to bring common unity to Long Island through the reconnection to sustainable, communal living which then physically frees us all. My family is the first and foremost reason for me returning, I live for them and all of my actions are filled with divine love which elevates us fourfold. We are one, we are already this. My experience at Wheaton Labs has taught me what works and what doesnt work in community living and community projects, from my perspective. For success and abundance to manifest physically collective purpose must be present through the Spirit and Nature...that which connects us all. I've learned that heart centered intention must always be the guiding force in manifesting a dream. If an intention veers away from the center the magnetism dwindles and the law of attraction projects idealisms and stagnation results. I seek to swim in free flowing water. We will all learn to live as one and all of the illusions will come undone. In the meantime I will continue to share my love and healing with the Earth.
    I intend to evolve the backyard food forest, maybe get some chickens, more rabbits and begin working with my family, together and unified to free ourselves physically from all societal constraints. After this is done I shall radiate outward and begin to develop my community food forest at the nature center in the center of my neighborhood. I also see potential in land upstate or Canada where we could begin growing all of our food and also lay the re-foundation of the family business...we are the North Star Erectors moving from Iron to Gold:). I will also be seeking out permaculture and biomagnetic healing apprenticeships in the near future and I reckon that some are already waiting for me.
 It is our time to unite and illuminate because we were made to shine...divinity is in all of our DNA.  This little light of mine Im gonna let it shine shine shine. With this light I can change the world! That is my dream and so it shall be, free free free!

So honored to be on this journey with you brother Cass. That touched my heart Barbara, Im definetly going to explore some writing oppurtunities.
Great points Travis, I love the ideas. I will certainly have to look more into using machines efficiently for when I start developement on my future permaculture projects.
Some more pictures
 Off the beaten path I wander, hopeful and ecstatic for what is to come as I climb the mountain to freedom. Taylor, Cass and I ventured to an opulent, mesmerizingly magical lake today. The pure, clean, glistening water cleansed our bodies as we cheered for the coming dawn. The path to the lake provided us with a marvelous glimpse into the splendor that mother nature seeds. The abundant polyculture of thimbles, elderberries, hyssop, sage, fireweed,  cow parsnip, mountain ash, pines, cedars, cinquefoil, black eyed susan, nine-bark, and a ground cover of white dutch clover flourished at the cliffs edge. It was truly an edenic paradise right in the foothills of Montana. We took some plants from Mama to burn and give offerings of humble gratitude to her. This was for sure the highlight of my week, if not month. My higher self was definitely needing a flight into nature. The energy was flowing up into my soles through my crown as I connected and surrendered to the flow and will of our natural environment. The ancestors call us to reestablish dominion over our temple through the Heart/Earth as our intent radiates our every action. Its time for free energy. We shall pick up where Tesla left off, the information and skills are now obtainable. Stream of higher consciousness unveils thoughts not thought. Stay tuned...:)
   Poetry has been found as my creative expression in these times away from my family and friends. Solace and warmth flow through my being when I express my innermost faculties. Gone are the days when they lay slumbering within. I am here for a purpose and my voice has to be heard. This is my vision of the future and how I, personally, perceive this world we find ourselves in...this os my truth. I want to emphasize that all I seek in writing this is to express myself to the highest degree. I will post one of my poems one of these days, they are deep, I am a very deep person. Previous experiences have taught me not to care how others will perceive my work because in doing so I hold myself back from my highest potential manifesting. Of course this will not resonate with most but that doesn't stop me from sharing my knowledge and gnosis, with an open mind and heart we can access the inner sun.
    I shall now continue recounting my time here at Wheaton Labs. As of recent most of my bootcamp time has been more wofati work. I mowed some hay for the finish cob and then sifted it twice. Cob...cob...cob was the unending motto. I also put some wool in the window cracks to further insulate the walls. I've also been doing a lot of white washing with lime, salt and water. Fred and I took a trip to Superior to get some lumber and the creek to fill up the fire truck, Judy, to water the berms during the month drought. Water has finally replenished thirsty Montana and when it rains it RAINS....Varuna! The days have become very routine. I have a new love for harvesting dandelion greens and making a delicious peanut sauce. I've been doing a lot of research on fall gardening during my free time so if anyone has any good resources on the such it would be greatly appreciated. I want to order Four Season Harvest by Elliot Coleman. I recently sowed some fall plants such as kale, spinach, winter squash, brassicas, radish, turnip and some nitrogen fixing peas all around the berms. We've also been planting lots of garlic and walking onion. I also started some of the seeds I brought from home for my family if I decide to stop home. Arugula, Tahitian Squash, Connecticut Field Pumpkin, lettuce, kale and leek.
    My whole purpose in diving into permaculture is to be able to grow my own light, elemental food and be completely sustainable and self reliant thus untethering myself from this destructive, parasitic slave/master society, (money is the master). Also, the final economic crash where cryto money becomes the world currency is right around the corner.  Phonetically speaking, work is war with a K and K is Karma. K is the el-even-th letter in the encoded alpha-bet. Through an understanding of etymology a lot can be revealed...language is a key to our liberation. Unfortunately our current english language is (a)engle-ish and the words we speak dont hold the same vibration as what we refer to. (sanskirt&hebrew)This is certainly not how it always was back during the time of the ancestors' unified civilization where a common cross-cultural spiritual way of living elevated every aspect of society. In the center of each community was a wondrous free energy  (electromagnetism) structure with water below which stored the energy in quartz crystals just like our computer crystals. And even more mind-blowing, each structure was on an earth vein and connected to all the others around the planet....a worldwide free energy grid!!! You wont hear that in textbooks. Plasma fed fruit trees, an idea Ive been diving into. Humbled am I to my core to have received this information. *If anyone is interested in learning any of this stuff I can PM sources.*
  This way of living nowadays is very unnatural to us humans and it has only been this way for a far shorter time than the penguin, quackery history tells us, yay for the internet!! (The cat is out of the bag) Community based living with each member playing a vital role that benefits the whole was the way of life our ancestors lived for far longer than this nonsensical feudal system of scarcity with the banking cartel bloodline parasites as the "lords". The problem is most people, even in the "woke" community, do not have an innerstanding of their true history, which we only have a fraction of,  leaving them disconnected to their roots. It was unfortunately rewritten by jesuit monks around the time of the scientific revolution and who knows how many times prior. Thus lay dormant in some, subconscious parasitic programs of scarcity. Liberation comes when knowledge of self is reestablished. This has become rather difficult in this "modern" era as we are surrounded by many unnatural frequencies that mess with our vital or etheric body not to mention the N P K food. However, the wave that is coming in now is so very powerful and uplifting it simply cannot be ignored and brushed off as fringe like what happened in the 60s. This time WILL, in my opinion, be different. We are here to uproot this paradigm and return humanity back to its roots just as the elders prophesied long ago.
 Back to my recountance. (Yes I make up words and cannot give a damn about SAT quackery grammar, I did score perfectly on that though)  Friday's I've been helping Cass with the pavilion outside the FPH. I collected a lot of sand and went rock hunting for flat ones. I envision a tranquil community gathering area with edible and medicinal vines crawling up the overhang and meeting in the middle where they shade the area below....So much potential... there could also be an above area needing a ladder where more edibles are grown, just an idea. I have learned so very much in the almost two months of being here and I value this experience so much. Although I haven't been learning exactly what I wanted to, these experiences are invaluable and couldn't have been found elsewhere. I am eternally grateful for the kindness and generosity that Paul and Jocelyn have provided in opening their land to be a community.
 I recently moved onto the lab beside Taylor and Cass and have been camping it up. I have yet to officially pick a plot but I am scoping out options seeing what could work. With a key from Fred, the gate has been opened to begin pondering the labs potential. We now have a full bootcamp with the arrival of my new friends Dave and Austin. It has been a pleasure to work with Dave who is so kind and easy-going. Austin arrived last night during the monsoon and I anticipate we'll be getting along very well.  I look forward to the experiences yet had as I continue climbing the mountain on the road to freedom.


 Maybe a perfect balance of purple and brown could provide a unification of halves thus resulting in the whole system that permaculture deserves. What is one with the absence of the polar...nothing. Red and blue make purple, hmm maybe rainbow would be better than purple, nature is rainbow...full spectrum awareness.

1 year ago
Thanks Cass and Taylor! Our journey has just begun and Im so grateful to be on it with you two.
Great insight Devin I totally agree and innerstand the necessity of using whats available during these times. An example of this is our cellular devices, yes they are practical in the present for sharing knoledge and communicating but long term their purpose begins to dwindle with the expansion of consciousness and with that technology...I certainly consider earthworks built overnight regeneraive and sustainable. My intention goes far into the future and I know fossil fuels will continue to be used by the military and average American for the next few years so during this small window of time where oil is still available, may all of us visionaries have at it.