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Recent posts by Taylor Simone

Hey there permies people, its been some time since I posted and about a month since my departure from Montana. I wanted to post an update on where life has taken me. On August 18th, my brother and I parted ways for now. Cass and I headed North to Canada and Zach headed East, returning to our family and childhood home in New York. Although our paths have taken us down different roads, we are always together in spirit. A special bond with a shared childhood environment and an idea of what a future world, connected to nature through permaculture practices can look like. Wheaton Labs provided us both with the opportunity to grow, change and learn. It has also allowed for us to connect with like-minded individuals who love permaculture just as much as we do. I was also fortunate enough to form a special bond with a special man during my time in the bootcamp. While he is more “brown” than I am and I a bit more “purple” we are both benefiting from each others perspective and embracing our differences. We are in essence, “purple meeting brown.” Being from different countries we’ve had to figure out some pressing issues. These included figuring out where we’re going to live and how we’re going to make it so we can become more flexible when needed. We are also waiting on a decision from immigration in regards to large application we just submitted. All of these factors led us to a van conversion project before winter comes in the prairies. We’ve been working on converting a $1700, 2002, Ford work van using non-toxic and reclaimed materials. When we hit the road we are going to be searching for the perfect place to practice permaculture and live a more wild life. We’ve started a blog together so we can update on one platform more frequently. It’s also given us the chance to write side by side, combine our ideas and share with others. Our other social media is also linked on our site. We’ve been trying to update our accounts with photos of the van conversion, our adventures, and what we’ve learned. Let us know if anyone has suggestions on where to look for land and places to see or visit while on the road! Any other advice would also be helpful and appreciated<3
The website : https://groundedquesting.com/

Much love, Taylor :')
Hey everyone,
  This weekend we went for a hike that lead to a magnificent lake. It’s always nice to swim in natural bodies of water. We also made our way to Missoula to run some errands. It rained all weekend which the plants were in desperate need of. The weekends always go so fast.!
Hey everyone,
  Its the weekend! Yesterday it downpoured and the power wound up going out for a good portion of the morning. The Abbey is getting closer to completion everyday. After the work day I treated myself to a rare nap before ending the night by playing Monopoly.!
Hey everyone,
  Yesterday it was hot and dry, summer is here!. We started the day off with coffee and eggs. Then we headed to the Abbey and cobbed, limewashed and worked on the deck. I did some cleaning of window areas to prep for the outside layer of cobb as well. Then in the afternoon I assisted Cass with some maintenance stuff. After work we made a salad with peanut sauce which was so yummy. To end the night off we hung out by the fire and did some yoga. Then it started down pouring which was so necessary for the forest and plants. We listened to the rain in our tent as the sky roared and shot electricity down to the earth with lightning.
Hey everyone,
 Yesterday we spent most of the day at the Abbey cleaning up, working on the deck, limewashing and prepping the finished cobb for the outside. It’s so hot and dry here which is different from what I’m used to. After the work day we made a fresh salad for dinner. We went to a river to cool off before we headed back to the lab. At the lab we relaxed and did some research. The idea of ancestry combined with herbalism and permaculture is something that piques my interest and that I’m increasingly expanding my understanding of. We then headed to bed to ensure that we were rested for today. The heat is definitely hard on the body. Tomorrow is Friday!! I hope everyone is having a lovely week:’)
Goodmorning everyone,
  Yesterday was a chilly morning at the lab. We arose and had breakfast(coffee&fruit). I helped Cass with FPH maintenance in the am and then during the afternoon was at the Abbey. We completed some more limewash layers, made cobb for the outside of the wofati and planted some garlic. Then it was taco tuesday for dinner and we all ate together! Before bed, we watched the sunset, read a little and drank herbal tea.
Goodmorning permies,
   Yesterday I was super tired because we picked up Dave from the airport. However, it’s always exciting when a new boot joins the group! I started off the morning with some coffee, oats and fruit. Then we headed to the lab to work at the Abbey. There we finished cobbing and began the limewash over the finished layer of cob. For lunch Cass made us a smoothie with berries, chia seeds and greens. For the afternoon we continued work at the Abbey, removing the back deck for one that will keep the water away from the house. Jen and I couldn’t stop laughing for just no reason at all. After the day at the Abbey, I had dinner, which consisted of a stir fry and some eggs. Then Cass made me some more chocolate mousse which really hit the spot. At the end of the day we relaxed by our camp, sitting by the fire reading and enjoying the forest surrounding us. Monday flew by!
Good morning permies people,
  Yesterday Cass&I started our morning by making some breakfast and doing some cleaning. We ordered Cass some more of a Lyme ease tincture and other supplements recommended in Stephen Buhner’s book. Then for dinner we made a veggie stir fry and strawberries/chocolate mousse for dessert! Afterwards we collected some firewood and headed to the lab. We walked around for about two hours, hung out by the fire and then headed to the airport to pick up Dave Burton(the newest boot)! Happy Monday!