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When I stand to attention, my middle finger tips touch the outer seam of my trousers. Right at that spot I open up the seam about an inch and a quarter. There is usually extra fabric inside and when I sew that up into a sheath, my mechanical pencil fits splendidly. So just by casually brushing my thigh, I already have a writing instrument in hand ready to take notes. And for the other thigh, one of those click-to-expose-tip ballpoint pens. Unlike a shirt pocket, you can run and not have them fall out in the middle of a road crossing. Has anyone tried Lara Croft style smartphone holsters strapped to your favourite leg?
1 month ago
That's how I hang my tools only i't off the window grill with large S-hooks and the tools are mostly horizontal.
3 months ago
It took a while to check whether the battery/SD card/resolution
of the camera or smartphone could handle the entire burn.

Time needed also to collect enough fuel. So to address doubts,
answer questions yet to be asked, tips, techniques as
well as highlighting the DANGERS involved, may I present the
unscripted, unrehearsed, first take, single take, unedited,
unassisted by Industrial Light and Magic, cinema verite 43 minute
instructional video on how to make biochar with the ARS-C
and obtaining compost tea{NVBAL} to innoculate the biochar.



PS1 I forgot what else I added to the edit which is stuck/not approved/dunno
   but making this out of an iron pipe is inadvisable simply because FEMA
   might mistake these versions as mortar launchers which it does unfortunately
   resemble. When separated, my stove and pipe attract no attention whatsoever
   until gazed upon by the acute senses of an astute exaptationer/exaptationist.

PS2 It turned out better than I expected. Yes - some wayward shots, lack of
   close-ups, no slo-mo effects, no car chase sequence, superhero 3-point
   landing and a CAUTION not to operate this if there is a breeze or significant

PS3 Since I still find adults confessing to TLDR, this had to be marked
   Age Restricted to downregulate mishaps. I hope you understand that safety
   is important. As with all things, practice makes perfect. The ALL-B and ARS-C
   are independent but they complement each other. The only way to scale this
   it to have multiple units run concurrently. Maybe on a carousel.
   So far 4 good burns out of 4 attempts. May you have similar success.

3 months ago
There is a youtube video featuring the final iteration at  .
It appears in the first 3 minutes.  
3 months ago

We have scoured all of the offerings from USPS to international.  The rates we are offering are the best we have been able to find.  /quote wrote:

I have plumbed the labyrinth of the USPS services offerings/restrictions/tariffs and the cheapest is:

where it is stated :

-  Frequently utilized by foreign students who attend school in the U.S. and want an inexpensive way to send their books home.
-  M-bags may be sent to PO Boxes™. M-bags are returned to sender if they are undeliverable at no charge.

This seems the ideal way to ship these books for those in no particular hurry.
I weighed my book. It registered at 0.605 lbs.
For 12 copies, it comes to 7.26 lbs and if the printing materials err by 10percent, the 7.986 won't exceed 8lbs.

The worst case cost for 8lbs is a dime shy of USD40.
Perhaps you can relook and quote this shipment method. Oops, just discovered
that a substantial number of countries are not supported. Bummer.
Mine is.  It is what it is.
Supported countries are listed here:

I am no rocket scientist so my conclusion might be wrong - is the bag free?
There may be tons of forms and customs declarations and individual country
restrictions to consider. For my country, pornographic printed material is forbidden in the shipment.
So maybe a visit to the local postie to get it straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.
I include the table here for easy reference:

Jay Angler wrote:
It would be really helpful though if you somehow post the picture with parts labelled? I'm not even sure where you are putting the wood in for example. There's a lot of "stuff" in the picture and I think most isn't part of your set-up, but I'm not sure. Some simple diagrams might help a lot.

Thanks for the critique. I did mention that{as seen in the picture} that you pull out the embers with tongs and if any smoke, you could introduce that back for another go. This implies that the ARS-C is top loading. I apologize if this was not explicit. So, you harvest as you go and load fresh fuel at the same time. Just enough to keep the burn rate going and it is very forgiving. This version is a two-piece unit comprising a charcoal stove and a clay pipe placed atop. In my yet-to-be-approved edit, I suggest how you can make a single-piece metal version plus a lazy way to inoculate the biochar. Any fresh fuel dropped in will start to smoke. The height of the stack traps the smoke long enough for a flame to encounter it and ignite that thus making this almost smoke free. The trick is to keep the flame big enough to stretch across the bore. My prior attempts used a skinnier clay pipe. The flame easily stretched across the bore but any new stick would out-gas so profusely in that intense heat that this extinguished the flame. You have to look really hard to see the smoke and if that still bothers you, do this when it rains. Win-win. I know that my neighbours will not hesitate to complain. But this is the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival when they burn lots of effigies like paper Mercedes-Benz cars, mansions, servants and now face masks to give to their ancestors in the afterlife. Those create lots more smoke and ash. My ash comes from the paper used to start the fire. One good source of kindling is weather beaten exposed plywood. The sheets start curling and can easily be ripped off. When dry, these burn readily as long as you don't object to the type of glue used in the plywood. Dried banana leaves will burn readily but also produce copious amounts of ash that will unfortunately land on freshly washed car paintwork and trigger an international incident.
4 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Edward Lye wrote:

Can you give me a link to a carrier with rates?

I live on the other side of the world from the US.
I guess you need to check with your US Postal Services.
If they don't surface then it's game over.
If you can swing this, I am up for 12 books.

paul wheaton wrote:

Edward Lye wrote:For me, the cost of postage is the prohibitive factor. Is surface mail available?

I don't know what that means.

Yes, the shipping is nuts.  

If you want just one or two books, Shawn has stuff set up with amazon all over the globe.  But that's a "print one book at a time" thing.  Expensive.

What I am doing is getting 10,000 books printed all at once - this makes it so that I can get a better price per book.  And then I can ship via media mail in the united states, which is pretty cheap.  

I'm okay with shipping overseas, but I have not found a way to do it cheaper.  I suppose that there could be somebody in a different country that could get 10,000 more printed and they have access to cheap shipping.  But I cannot think of a way for that to work out.