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Recent posts by Carter Birch

Day 18 post 5
Today was a good day a lot of progress on the car front got sparks in and learned some more parts are needed. I got to dig some post holes for the green house and learned some more about round wood timber framing.
Here are the pics sorry it’s across posts this is 4 continued
2 weeks ago
Day 17 post 4
Sorry all I have been well over dew for a post.
I have spent some time working on some cars to keep them happy and running smoothly and wasn’t sure if that should be part of my boot post but after talking with a few others I think it fits. It is far more environmentally sound to keep an older car say 90s running then to go out and buy a brand new Tesla as the amount of energy used and need to make the fancy new car take more energy then will be consumed in the already existing vehicle. Other then cars I have been skinning trees and learning timber framing.
2 weeks ago
Almost forgot beought 9 logs down from the entry to the Abby so I got to practice some log holding for caber toss (no logs where tossed they are needed for the structure)
I will upload the video when I figure out how to get them in another file.
3 weeks ago
Day 9 post 3

Today started out great. I am now staying in the red cabin and have been enjoying running my own fire and having a quite peaceful nights sleep.

Today we worked on the green house. I spent time marking a ditch, limping up a tree, learning how to sharpen a chain saw from a great instructor (Jen) and started combing the main green house structure.

Special thanks and shout out to Dave Eisele for being the first to comment and being supportive for so many years on my interest in learning how to be a permaculture individual. Love ya and there will be many more updates to come.
3 weeks ago
So day 8 on the lab. This has been a great experience so far. The first week went faster then expected I have had a lot of in learning and doing permaculture project in the boot camp. This morning and after lunch I worked on peeling up a green tree and limboing it up to be part of the green house. This evening Clayton made a great dinner for the boots. Tomorrow should be great too. Here are some pics from today and the last few as I have fallen behind in my posting. I am new to this and it’s been kind of an adjustment but the best one of my life :) hope you all are well and enjoying life to it’s fullest.
3 weeks ago
Day 4 was great too put some time in to the green house and peeled some logs

Day 5 today we did more log peeling, I got to peel an entire tree :) then after lunch we put some more time in to the green house.
3 weeks ago
1st day on the lab unpacked and meet some folks
2nd day made some 1x3s on the mill and helped build some wood racks on the library
3nd day on the lab :)
4 weeks ago
Thank you,
Looks like it went through August 19th and the email is set right. :) I feel that leaves it all set up for when the time comes. I’m really enjoying the 2017 pdc web edition in the mean time, highly recommended for anyone.
2 months ago
I payed the 120 assuming I was taking some one with me. (Not sure if that’s till the case) Is there a way to check where I am on the list?
2 months ago