Eldon Dore

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since May 19, 2019
Growing in a backyard garden in calgary canada, been doing it a couple years, dabble in breeding peas and tomatoes.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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finally got one seedling to the point where its growing true leaves, had a ton of trouble getting to that point, but it looks like I may get to see how they do for me over the summer.
3 weeks ago
I feel bad for not replying to this thread, i got my seeds, but I've been having trouble keeping my cat from eating them as soon as they sprout lol. Got one growing at the moment in my kitchen, cat seems to be leaving it alone, and I was wondering how long in your experience it takes for a cotton plant to start growing true leaves after it sprouts?
3 months ago
I'm in, seems like a really reasonable price to me
7 months ago
i would love to buy some seeds and give it a go, haven't been able to find any companies that ship to canada that actually have cotton in stock and have an even remotely reasonable price for the shipping
9 months ago