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A man named Dan Carlson figured out how to make plants be able to open up their pores in order to absorb more nutrients and moisture. Resulting anywhere from a 50-500% increase in yields with basically any plant. Check out this video and testimonies of people who have used it on their own farms.
1 year ago
All over the country we are getting more and more severe weather events per year than ever before and its still rising. Hot days are hotter and cold days are colder(Remember that crazy cold wave in the upper midwest a couple months ago) and also more hurricanes every year. Weird things are happening to this planet.
1 year ago
These are some of my plants, photos taken yesterday.
1 year ago
I wish I could see what is happening to your farm, do you have a layer of mulch down on your garden beds?around your trees? Even though the top layer of mulch is pretty dry, the layer where the roots are very moist and has helped to keep my plants looking good.
1 year ago
I am open to living anywhere within the United States
Its great that you are planning on using leaves for next years garden prep.
Fall leaves are my favorite composting material and mulch. Leaves have about 80 percent of the nutrients and minerals that a tree produces, the actual wood is not nearly as dense as the leaves. if you have a bag on a leaf blower, most of them have a setting where you can suck the leaves in and break them down into smaller bits so that they may compost faster, i personally use an old lawnmower and mow over the spread out piles of bio materials a couple of times to make it almost into dust so that it will compost really well.
1 year ago
no, my garden has a thick layer of wood chips, so i have confidence they will be healthy enough to withstand the heat without a cover.
1 year ago
This weekend into next week the Southeast US is expected to have crazy high temperatures never seen in an 100 years, I was thinking that we should document how are plants are doing in during the wave in comparison to how the traditional agriculturalists will likely have a large setback. I might post photos of my own plants here to show how they are doing during the near 100 degree May weather.
1 year ago
I have not seen his lecture, but will try to watch it. I plan on doing much more than just an hour
1 year ago
it is going to be a very long film, ora short series covering several topics. i am planning on covering various topics not exclusive to
The origin of Agriculture,
The Religious nature of the origin of Agriculture, and why some people still hold to that religion.
Development of Agr. around the world and how it was passed from place to place.
Cultures that lived without Agr. until it was introduced to them much later
The radical change of the Industrial Age, then the even crazier change with Chemical Agr. In the 20th century.
How our food has effected our health and why our health is getting worse.
Why food is so expensive and why low income families are more obese.
The nutritional difference  between good food and store bought.
The hold that Monsanto has on the world and the evils that they have committed
Agent Orange use in Vietnam
The destruction of the Dust Bowl.
How traditional Agr. Creates deserts.
The lack of food in the world for developing countries
How agr. Is destroying our land that we live on.
The insanity of the lawn, how it bleeds money and time but yet provides no value to your life.
The abundance of bio material that we can use from the waste of society.
What is Permaculture,
Why it works better than traditional agriculture.
How to being implementing it into your life.
How to restore deserts.
The idealistic  future of what permaculture can bring
The need for less work and more fun in the life of people and how we are beat down by the unnecessary work we give ourselves.
Answers to opposition of Permaculture
Why its being opposed.
And much, much more.
I want to be more personable to the average person wanting to learn like me.
1 year ago