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Recent posts by Nicholas Roberts

Ate crickets once, fried in butter. Was part of a survival class : )
Saw this guy today.. I don't think I could eat it though.
Maybe chocolate-covered?
1 month ago

*Guess I recycled. Hope I didn't break it : /
2 months ago
My "Rock Room".
Lots of volcanic rocks here. Seem to have a lot of Iron, so I think they'll retain heat well.
Started a stem wall using a cob/adobe mixture as a morter. Since I've taken so long building this, I've gotten to observe how it holds up throughout the season.
So far, pretty well. Will probably convert to earth-bag at some height.
No heavy machinery so these rocks are "select hand-picked artisanal quality".. and I don't trip on them as much ; )
2 months ago
Good to know it can hold up to the water. I've found quite a bit of old barbed wire on the property and will reuse all of it for sure. Still experimenting with lime plaster / top coating. I know the type S lime isn't perfect, but it's what I have, and seems to be an excellent drying agent.
I suppose I'll probably use metal roofing, but other low-cost options still on the table.
I picked up a bunch of free, unwanted slate tile in Phoenix, so I'll probably use at least some of that for a floor/backsplash. I like that it's very natural in appearance without any coating. Let me know if you'd like any.
And may the monsoon rain upon you!!
2 months ago