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Welcome to permies. :) This sickle looks fantastic!
2 weeks ago
Hi there,
Hoping that I can be allowed to edit a post. A privacy-minded friend pointed out to me that due to the information I included I am more or less posting my mailing address. It would make me feel a lot better to not have that level of detail permanently online. Specifically, I'd like to remove the photos and omit the sentence where it states how far away from which towns the homestead is located. Would that be possible?
Welcome, Leo!
I will be beginning my beekeeping adventure this summer and I am so glad an email introducing you and your work popped up in my inbox today.
2 months ago

Virginia Nunes wrote:That's great! Do you have the google map coordinates to check it out?

Coordinates: 40.924785, 0.716557

Virginia Nunes wrote:Hi! I’m very interested in this land! I have read that it is very difficult to get permits to renovate on rustic land though. Do you have any information on that for renovating the existing structure?

Hi! On this parcel, no permit to renovate is required, as long as anything built is built within the footprints of the two preexisting buildings, and the new building/s do not exceed 60 square meters in size or 5 meters in height. I confirmed this information in person with an architect at the ayuntamiento.
Looking for one to three wonderful people to join me in forming a small intentional community on 4.5 acres of land and a lovingly-maintained 142 year old historic farmhouse in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

There will be two bedrooms available beginning August 2020. They are each $400/month for one person or $600/month for a couple. Utilities are shared (electric, propane/oil, water, internet.) Both shorter term (6 months) to longer term or permanent (1 year or more) leases are possible.

In building our tiny community there will be lots of transparency and communication, including mutually establishing a mission, guidelines and ground rules, while maintaining open and frequent communication and utilizing conflict resolution techniques to ensure we are all happy and heard. People of any religious, ethnic, racial, age, gender, sexual, or political leaning, belief system, affiliation, background, identification, or preference are welcomed as long as you embrace diversity, honor differences, and strive for inclusion.

There is more than enough land for us to coordinate and harmonize our individual desires and preferences on what projects we’ll undertake on the land and in the home or outbuildings. There are a small barn, two large sheds, and the option to build additional outbuildings as needed. I have three cats and would also like to get a dog. Planned projects so far:

– Planting a permaculture food forest/orchard and practicing regenerative agriculture
– Cultivating medicinal herbs & offering them for sale (fresh, dried, and as extracts, tinctures, powdered)
– Growing mushrooms both in the basement and outdoors
– Building a barn and raising chickens, ducks, rabbits, sheep, goats and alpaca for meat, eggs, milk and wool using humane/sustainable methods and practices
– Planting bamboo, willow and other trees along the creek for wood harvesting
– Growing winter greens and microgreens in hoop greenhouses
– Beekeeping, soldier fly and worm farming
– Expanding the existing tiny pond’s size and cultivating fish and water-loving edible plants
– Building an outdoor cob oven for baking bread and pizza

If you have any questions, post them here in the thread below. If you are interested, send me a private moosage with more info about yourself and I'd be happy to tell you more about me. Thanks!
3 months ago
Just an update: I decided to put an offer down on a beautiful historic farmhouse on 4.5 acres of rich loamy pastures in Shenandoah Valley... and it was accepted!
3 months ago
I am selling my 2 hectares of land (5 acres) in L'Ametlla de Mar, Catalunya, Spain. It is fully terraced in stone and planted in mature, producing olives. It is located 20 minutes drive inland from L'Ametlla de Mar.

- Located just inside the Tossal de Montagut protected natural space so you will never see new construction going up anywhere within eyesight or earsight of the land
- Has a modest view of the Mediterranean Sea (see photos)
- A home can legally be built in the footprint of the two existing structures, up to 60 square meters in size.
- 20 minutes drive to L'Ametlla de Mar, loved for its fresh seafood and beautiful natural beach coves
- By train or car, 45min to Tarragona, 1.5hr to Valencia, 2hr to Barcelona
- Completely off-grid, as are the few other homes in the surrounding area. At night you can see the stars (all of them.) Totally quiet, the only thing you will hear is nature.
- One home is visible from the property. It is a vacation home and sits empty most of the year. In Google's satellite view you can see it just to the north of the property.

Coordinates: 40.924785, 0.716557

A natural building architect based in Barcelona quoted me an estimate of 60.000 euros to build a strawbale home on the land, similar in layout and size to the attached blueprints/drawings I created.

I did my PDC final project using this land so I have attached the permaculture design I created for it, so you can get a feel for what one might be able to do with the land.

I purchased it a few years ago and up until a few months ago my plan was to live on it. However, we live in a different world now and I have decided it would be better to buy land in near where my parents are and build my homestead there. I love this piece of land and I adore Spain (I lived in Barcelona for 5 years) so it breaks my heart to sell it... but staying in the US is the best path for me, now.

I purchased it for 34.000 euros (40.000 all told including taxes, title, and escribano) so I would love to be able to recoup the costs. But I am flexible. Any questions, please post them here in the forum so that others can see the answers. Please purple moosage me with any serious offers, after all your questions have been answered.

Thank you!
I'm a 39 year old bisexual woman, currently living and working in NYC while I save up to turn my land into a homestead. I'm looking for someone to be my partner-in-crime (purely platonic, or perhaps something more - both are great by me.) and make the homestead a reality. Friendship, absolutely essential. Companionship, to whatever degree we both want it! I'm an introvert and love being alone, but if I bond with you I'll enjoy being around you a lot. And if love happens, too, well then fantastic!

In my free time I draw, paint, read, cook, and am always learning something new. I just finished my PDC and am contemplating what to learn next - perhaps herbal medicine? Cheesemaking? Self defense? Catalan? So many options. I am a product designer (the UX kind, not the chair-making kind.) I am an atheist but completely respectful if you have religious beliefs, as long as there is no proselytizing. I am not actively looking to start a family but I love children and would welcome yours if you have them. And with the right person, I could be open to adopting (or you having a child.) I am quiet and easy-going, but often silly. I love to sing, and mostly in tune. I am well-traveled. Traveling would be lovely again sometime in the future, after the homestead is running smoothly and the pandemic is well past.

I am somewhere between thin and average build and pretty fit. Actively getting a bit more fit and bit thinner. I love doing yoga, just started running, and I also ride my bike, do interval and weight training, etc. I do not drink and do not (cannot) keep alcohol in the house. I used to be addicted to alcohol but am happily free of it, now. I meditate to keep my mind and heart clearer and smarter. I have three cats. I love dogs, too. I eat meat and believe strongly in treating animals with the utmost respect and care. They should live their best lives and die peacefully and painlessly by our hands, then be used completely and respectfully for our and others' nourishment. I am passionate about sustainability and achieving near-self-sufficiency.

I own a beautiful parcel covered in olive trees in rural Spain, near the Mediterranean coast, but I am also considering buying farmland in semi-rural western Virginia to be closer to family. Or joining an ecovillage. Or helping you build a homestead on your land. Or joining you on your homestead. In that order of preference. :) Regardless, my biggest goal right now is to just save up so that I can live my dream: wake up early (which I do already, admittedly), go for a run at sunrise, feed the chickens and the rabbits, let the sheep and the goats out to pasture, harvest/pick/pluck/butcher the ingredients for our meals that day, turn some compost, get a couple of hours of work done online, plant a new garden bed, chop some wood, read a book, take a nap, deliver fresh produce to the CSA, and then have an impromptu dance party with you after we make dinner.

What I appreciate about you: your sense of humor, your aspirations, your pragmatism and your emotional maturity. That you are driven, hardworking, common sense-smart, and always testing and questioning your own limits, skills and opinions. Connecting mentally, emotionally and physically (if what we have is not simply platonic) are all equally important to you.  
3 months ago