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Recent posts by Virginia Mar

Hi Dominic, it is not yet sold. Oh! I see you just sent me a purple mooseage, so you figured out the messaging system. :)
Welcome to permies. :) This sickle looks fantastic!
3 months ago
Hi there,
Hoping that I can be allowed to edit a post. A privacy-minded friend pointed out to me that due to the information I included I am more or less posting my mailing address. It would make me feel a lot better to not have that level of detail permanently online. Specifically, I'd like to remove the photos and omit the sentence where it states how far away from which towns the homestead is located. Would that be possible?
Welcome, Leo!
I will be beginning my beekeeping adventure this summer and I am so glad an email introducing you and your work popped up in my inbox today.
5 months ago

Virginia Nunes wrote:That's great! Do you have the google map coordinates to check it out?

Coordinates: 40.924785, 0.716557