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Benjamin Watkins

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since Mar 24, 2019
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Recent posts by Benjamin Watkins

John C Daley wrote:I have been in business a long time, 40 years.
Benjamin, you need to work out whether you are a banker or a builder, you cannot and should not be both.

I don't plan on being both.
I'm looking at bringing in a banker of some kind as a way to get the business off the ground.

After that if that relationship stays I don't see what harm it can bring.
1 year ago

Dillon Nichols wrote:Are they going to be on wheels, and are you going to register the tinyhomes as RVs? This might be more palatable to lenders... whether it is worth the hassle to you I am less sure.

Yes I plan to put them on wheels. And given the current legal status in most locations for tiny homes.
I'm assuming a lot of people would just like to have them registered as box trailers. I live in the middle of the city in the middle of Utah. lots of people love tiny homes our local governments do not.
1 year ago
Thanks Tim I like the payment option!
1 year ago
I'm getting ready to launch a business building tiny homes I've lived in them for 15 years. My question for the group is:
Is there anyway I can get financing to help people get into new homes?
Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
1 year ago