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Cochise.. thats right.. it was down there. I'd love to build right next to a flowing river so you can build a hydro turbine to power the whole area. Great place for solar also, obviously..

With enough power, you can grab water right out of the desert air with a condensator with filter. They also can act as an air conditioner..

So many great ideas.. i wish i knew some people who already live at these places.. i'd love to join them, and just upgrade with them and stuff. Anyone doing Arizona in the future, you gotta let me know... Cochise is no zoning, which means you can build Adobe mansions which could be worth millions if you build them big enough and make them exotic looking inside and out.
Never forget air crete... save you a fortune for impressive setups, like domes and simple walk ways.

8 months ago
Would love to join,

please let me know if you get this msg

8 months ago
I guess this question goes without saying. But can you just build whatever you want on the property?

I'd love  to come by and just throw up some nylon tent, like a 40 foot x 20 foot  longhouse. Spray foam insulation, sandwiched with a plaster board. I'd floor it with mud bricks, and throw vinyl marble on the entrance.. it would look awesome. Inside i'd create some electrical wiring, and put solar panels all over the top.

Then again.. it'd be just better to build a small house then...

So is there a lot of coding enforcement there?
IF there isn't... i'd love to come there with a lot of tools.. and just build with you guys.

I'm overweight... so its going to be rough for a few months, until i get into the groove.

Let me know,
8 months ago
Im interested in Arizona because it has no zoning laws in some parts... and you can build  ridiculously huge barns and houses, and they won't give you trouble. Plus the land is very cheap in certain parts.. like in the south east near new mexico... 20 acres for 5,000 dollars i saw once... with a stream of water near the property... not bad. Not a damn soul nearby either.

Might be worth a look...

It'd be great if we could get together and just build a bunch of houses, like earthbags and bring all our tools... and get busy.
8 months ago
Finder's fee.. not really. The idea about why I mentioned, is because if commune or coop person please see reason to start near the Skagit river near a city called sedro woolley, east about half a mile.
Two tracks are available.
Idea is that I would be help if someone wanted to start a small community there. I'm struggling a bit.. I know many others are also.
This place is far enough from Seattle for it not to be riddled by crime. People help each other.. so if someone buys it for that little.. they can get commune seekers to jump aboard and charge 250/month and a 750 dollar entree fee... It would pay for the permits to build, etc. Later the coop pays for itself in profit, and people will only pay for the cost of machines and housing. Skilled people would be desired.. off grid electric, septic, etc.

Someone mentioned about timber... There sure is a lot of that. More than the cost.of the property.. so it's good to consider.

I'm not real estate agent.. im a person that is trying to form communes.. and be of service to the potential of an organized collectivr of communities that mutually rely on each other.

Lots of people are going to fall into debt traps in the future, and in the stages before homelessness, bankruptcy, unemployment.... Its a good idea to consider IC living.. because we are going to be growing large in number soon. Student loans will be a large reason that Americans are going to face the music and swing this way .. nature is taking it's course.

I would indeed invest in this property, Judith... but it can't be now. I have to sell some assets before i can afford it.

Devin, you're right... there could be those problems with flooding... but that'd be really hard to find out.

The price is good for that many acres though...
Actually i would put money into this... i very much want to. But my money is tied into some assets right now, and i can't get pay for it.

If someone wants to buy it to build on it, let me know.
I have been trying to research to find out if there are any zoning restrictions. The other fella mentioned a law about water... but it doesn't affect that county after skimming the Washington state law.

If you're looking to build a community, this looks not so bad..
let me know,

Beautiful waterfront property that i'd like to build with you on in Skagit County, WA.

The area is right on the water, with 25 acres of trees. It is an excellent chance to get the chainsaw out and put some things together. The water source is the skagit river right there are the property. You can probably fish also.

Its only 6,000 dollars, which i think you can bargain down to 4-5K. It was posted only a few days ago.. and I think will definitely sell fast.
Other comparable properties sold for 1K per acre, so its definitely a steal.

The main idea here, is after you chop down enough trees, you could make it look like a beautiful open field that you can farm mushrooms on... and it would make plenty of money for the community.  

If you take in one person, they could pay 1K to join, and it wouldn't be too hard for the community to build some nice frames for houses with those trees they have.

Recommend you call me, and we can talk about building it together
or email dontdewcriz@gmail.com

dont waste time, this is an exclusive opportunity.... I would buy it myself, but my money is tied into a few land properties and cars i intended to sell.

By the way Michigan...

You can grow up to 12 plants of marijuana legally per person, up to 5 people it can be 72 plants.
You don't need a license...

You will need to throw up a greenhouse. It's supposed to be "indoors".. so just use 2-Layer Polyethylene Covering. Buds produce within 8 weeks.. but grow persistently

I got other money ideas for you if you let me know
I'm actually thinking of trying something like this.

My ideal location is in Chile, (they have a lot of autonomous communities around there)

The other thing ..
Mine would not be a nonprofit. The profit would be divided in two parts...
1) To benefit a future together international School that is going to help 3rd world people master the art of creating a self sustainable community and learn all the skills that bring them up to speed with modern tools, computers. We would create a new economy that divides values and worth into multicurrencies, which will change reality and force people to work towards better goals. Plus there will be no taxes and the idea is to make it a direct democracy over time.

2) the money from the autonomous community will mostly be used for expanding business, machines, and creating more communities.