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Recent posts by Abbey Wilson

Avocado!!! Because it takes skill to make it fruit on its own and I have like 50! I am addicted to growing them from seed and making them bear fruit. Plus, they make beautiful house plants.
1 year ago
Super soil! If you have the funds (you can also make it all yourself with a little work) to do living soil which is basically fancy composting which makes you able to omit added nutrients for your crop among various other improvements for enhancing soil quality. You’ll need a cement mixer to make sure everything is mixed in well and in a large scale it’s impossible without.
Do you have your plants in fabric pots or in the ground? Better for the roots.
One grasshopper per plant will keep all small pests away.
Know your plants genetic make up- some strains are more suitable for your climate than others, some require more or less water etc

We’ve been farming cannabis for about 5 years now. Not much time, but have been fortune enough to work along side some of the top growers in the world, and the largest hemp grower in our state.
1 year ago
Poles pears grapes! Avocados! Berries! Potatoes! Sweet potatoes! Snap peas! Carrots! Tomatoes! Onions! Garlic! Loads of herbs! Medicinal flowers! Hemp!  Oops I meant apples I can’t backspace my text!
1 year ago
I paid 1,000 per acre! At a steal I had to get 40. The other land I was looking at was 4
1 year ago
Family of four looking for other like minded people to start a community. We have 40 acres, have a well and plan to make other improvements.
We currently have a playground! And adding a schoolhouse. So the community is very family oriented.

Anybody interested?
I have a trailer and solar, and going to build a home after we build up the property.
Looking for other families (I have two toddlers) that share a dream of living off the land and having community for your kiddos.

Land is off grid and about an hour from Costco’s, health food stores cafes breweries and such. The town were in is small and has some stores.

Before the winter we’ll have greenhouses, indoor and outdoor kid play areas, farm animals and be working towards being self sustaining!

I want to start one but I’m not sure where to find like minded people. Slowly but surely.

Hello! I have 80 acres in Oregon. I have a trailer and solar this far and want to build up. We have money too but with helping hands it can go by a lot faster
This looks amazing thanks for posting beautiful work and congrats on the baby!