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I've been watching all your youtube vids since December, What youve created is truly magnificent. This is so perfect! One of the main reasons I "dropped out" of college is because it is too slow paced and I was learning more useful information myself on the side. The ATC was one if the first things I found when I started exploring oppurtunities but money was short, it has come full circle. We are very serious about this and are leaving very soon, within next few days. I am waiting for Taylor to finish up working at her job, one more day!


Dear Paul Wheaton and those at the Lab,
  I am absolutely star struck at Wheaton labs, no exageration. This has to be the best oppurtunity on Earth. Since december, after dropping out of College, I've devoted all of my energy into reading these forums, watching youtube videos, studying biodynamics and Rudolph Steiner's "spirit science" and through this reevaluating the way of life I was living on Long Island. Although LI is 118 miles and that is my birthday, this island has served its purpose and I truly believe me and my older sister Taylor have gotten all we can out of this place. People here are very emersed in the mainstream way of life that leaves them tethered to this absurd wasteful system, I seek to disconnect from that and move onto a new sustainable chapter in my life for I know that is the only way. Ever so often I hear my tribes call. The hardest part is going to be leaving my younger two sisters who are in high school and are already begging to come with day. After researching and developing an innerstanding of permaculture which seemes to have been apart of my path as it was just so natural for me,  I also began a permaculture food forest, hugelmound and back to eden garden among other things. However my parents are "leveling" it because it does fit into their narrow minds, I guess they dont want free food?  Its okay I made sure my younger sisters will get to have the food they deserve as I planted 1000s of seeds around my property. That is one of the reasons I had to leave and have been camping and being a nomad as clearly they arent aligned with what I want to do with my life, sorry Mom and Dad but I dont want to go to medical school and waste my life on chasing the cash. (Not sorry)
Nevertheless, with their support or not, community living is definetly calling my name. All I've ever dreamed of was to live off the land and recconect with Nature and nobody can hold me back any longer I am going to do what I am meant to do. I am 19 and Taylor is 21 and both of us are ready for this coming journey and I truly feel that we have found where we are meant to be. We are eager to get on the road and begin our adventure and all it will entail. We are motivated like never before to bring this about. I've been working at 7/11 to acquire the funds to go cross country and although its been quite the learning experiencs, I have had enough being around that, cigs and alcohol... I am definetly at a crossroad in my life and I feel as though there are infinite poissibilities. Both Taylor and I want nothing more than to be apart of Wheaton labs and leave the rat race FOR GOOD never to return. So much to say!!! So many layers to peel back!!! I just love writing its so powerful in manifesting. Before I leave I have a few more things to do to leave my mark on this island...all will know that community oneness is the answer and permaculture is one of the keys. There is just so much for me to learn I shall continue binge watching your podcasts and youtube vids. I anticipate any response.


~Zach and Taylor Simone
How can me and my sister get in on this we want to be apart of Wheaton labs and the ant village!!
Hey Mike,

  My name is Zach Simone and my sister Taylor and I are very interested in pursuing our dream of living off grid and developing our homesteading skills. Our dream is to one day live in a community like the one at Wheaton labs. I am 19 and she is 20 and ever since I dropped out of Hofstra University I've been on a non-stop quest to expand my knowledge of how to live off the land and reconnect with nature. I read through 1000s of forums and read many books from Gaias Garden to Rudolf Steiners Biodynamics. This summer, and our whole life, we seek to fully devote all of our time and energy into learning how to live disconnected from the lunacy that has plagued our home, long island. Although we will miss New York, a new sustainable chapter has begun in our lives and we are motivated like never before. Please let me know if there are any opportunities you know of that we can pursue.

Zach Simone
1 year ago
To all who cross paths with my post,

            My name is Zachary Simone and I was born and raised on Long Island New York for 19 years. I, as well as my older sister Taylor both attended traditional college and we came to the conclusion that this society no longer serves us and is aligned with our vision of the future. Against my parents wishes/expectations I dropped out after my first semester to pursue the yearning for true freedom that was uprising within me. I no longer could envision myself working a regular day-to-day job in this society.  I no longer resonate with the out-dated, backwards systems of living that leave people in a perpetual state of needing something for what should be free, scarcity is an illusion for abundance is a mindset manifested. I have asked the many questions, gone through forum after forum figuring out both how humanity arrived here and how it is we will move forward, leaving behind the old fossil-fuel paradigm of destruction. I took what I learned the past 6 months researching permaculture and experimentally applied it on a small scale in my backyard creating the foundation for my dream of a backyard food forest and eventually food freedom for me and my community. I find biodynamic/organic permaculture to be the path towards sustainable recreation and grand risings as I believe the food you eat does effect consciousness. As of recent all I want to do is connect to nature and experience all of mother earth's wondrous mysteries. I, as well as my sister Taylor,  are seeking any and all permaculture/organic farming apprenticeships or volunteer work. We are quite eager to get on the road and start taking action and are more than willing to travel across the country or even world to go where we are meant to be. I have hope that someone will see this and can help direct me towards a community or homestead that has available spots and doesn't require large sums of money or farming experience. My sister and I are extremely devoted to bringing about this change that needs to occur and learning how to live off the land in a sustainble, practical way. My dream is to one day be apart of or form my own permaculture community founded on the higher values that connect all beings. If anyone is out there in the perma-verse who has any information that would aid in my journey it would be infinetly appreciated.