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Nice tips

I usually dig a shallow a trench 2 shovel widths wide on contiur and place the dirt on the down slope.
Then put about a foot of waste timber or chopndrop in.
I then do a layer of acacia longiflora all the while sprinkling a little lime on to help decomposition.
Next comes several alternative layers of Lucerne and cow poo.
Planting by digging a small hole in the top layers and dropping in a few handfuls of good compost and then your favorite seedings.

Happy hugel
Awesome observations
Sounds a lot like hugelstyle 101 to me.
If we recreate the rainforest floor I believe there is no limit to our soils potential to provide.
Happy Hugel
3 years ago
My chickens love the gaint zucchinis, once you chop and end off they will go until its hollowed out.  And the best training aid I have found are peanuts I can get one hen to fly up onto my hand by clicking my fingers and rewarding her with a piece of peanut aye
3 years ago
15 turns on the handle with organic coffe beans loaded in the top and its on the stove in no time
3 years ago