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since Feb 06, 2019
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Here's a few pictures I took about a week or so ago. Both of them are much larger then in these pictures. Cherokee Purple formed a leaf mutation as well. You should be able to spot it in the picture. Sorry for the blurriness my camera had a smudge on the lens. Barry's Crazy Cherry is doing remarkably well. I also started some Black Beauty and True Black Brandywine to make some extra crosses. The CP I got from baker creek doesn't really resemble the few I grew out 7 or 8 years ago from Landreth's seedbank. Really wished I would of saved seeds from that particular stock. If this CP doesn't pan out then I'll scrap it and try new seeds or get new stock from another source. I really need to plant a bunch of them and select the best representation.
I would like to get larger clusters of Cherokee Purple tasting tomatoes. Large or small, it just depends on the flavor and texture. I would really like less cracking and longer shelflife as CP doesn't hold that well. If I can get the tomatoes to hold on the vine without falling when ripe that would be a bonus too. Cherry tomatoes tend to fall off by themselves or when harvesting. CP takes a little effort to get off the vine. If I can find the best of both worlds. I will gladly take it.
Here is my breeding project for this upcoming season
Barry's Crazy Cherry x Cherokee Purple
Just wondering how to breed with large flower heirloom varieties such as the Cherokee Purple. I would like to take a cherry tomato and cross it to the Cherokee Purple. Using the cherry tomato pollen on the CP