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Recent posts by Quin Sonny

We are looking to build a container home in central Virginia and we're struggling to find the right property.

As it's an off-grid tiny house situation, we could take advantage of a property that otherwise would be difficult to sell. We're desperately avoiding HOAs (which I'm sure you all can appreciate) and we're trying to find something in the three acre range.

Do any of you with more experience have a favorite land website, or do you know of a place we should look? Should we go after the auctioned land? Is there a place on facebook to look?

Please share your wisdom with us because we would like to get moving this year and the search so far has turned up very little.
3 years ago
Hey there!

I'm new to the forum. I am wondering if any of you might be able to tell me more about what the permaculture/homesteading prospects are like near the Virginia coast. I'm really focused on the area that stretches from Williamsburg up to Gloucester down to Norfolk and Hampton, etc. If you live in the area, you probably are understanding where I mean.

I've lived in Richmond my entire life apart from the years I spent in central TN and Raleigh for college--but I've been to Virginia beach only twice in my life. I don't have a whole lot of information about it. I hear it's swampy, prone to flooding, and that the water is polluted. Also seems prone to hurricane damage. In Richmond we've been pretty protected, but still had significant damage and power outages each time a storm has come through. I can't even imagine what it's like on the coast.

So what I'm looking for is perspective from some like minded people who actually currently live, or have lived, in the area I mentioned. What is the soil like? What are you growing out there? Is the water really that bad? Are your cities/communities friendly and welcoming? Would you put your roots there again given the option?

Any input would help me out a ton!
4 years ago