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since Jan 31, 2019
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Recent posts by Huxley Harter

I want to ride north on the Southern Highlands Traverse bike packing route this spring and I’m trying to get together a couple other guys who want to do it too for the purposes of safety in numbers. Reply or pm me if your curiosity has been piqued.
1 week ago
2002 here in north FL. Exploring human rewilding and natural farming.
2 weeks ago
Looks like dock
1 month ago
Welcome to Permies! Glad to have you here
1 month ago
I haven’t finished cracking all these or leaching them. They’re white oak.
1 month ago
Good for you! :) In a strategic exit from supporting certain large companies, for me tech is much further down the road. Right now it’s the car. Would love to see how this thread unfolds.
2 months ago