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Recent posts by Huxley Harter

Not all tree saps are consumable!
Sweetgum sap is used as gum.
6 days ago
Very sorry to hear about your arm. I would do aloe vera and broadleaf plantain salve applied topically. Hope you heal soon!
1 week ago
This is a thread for usual, unusual, rare, and out of the box ways to acquire land. The main criteria is that the ideas must lead to land ownership, even if it involves leasing for a few years. In this case brainstorming means no idea is too crazy unless you're just being goofy.
Here goes:

Work a regular job and save aggressively
Start your dream business/job and save aggressively
Do anything that earns money and save
Partner with like minded folks and pool resources
Partner a person either with land or savings and:
  • rent to own
  • steward their property in exchange for a plot
  • pay them with a fair supply of food for a plot
  • build an eco home for them in exchange
  • some other work trade for a plot

  • Owner financed
    Trade vehicle for plot
    Sell vehicle and buy land
    Rent land for farming operation and buy land with earnings
    Caretake and inherit
    Partner with friends for any of the above
    On a rented farm, ask loyal patrons to finance buying farm

    Some of these could be added together.
    2 weeks ago
    Yeah a good jet of water will get it running at least on first sight. Motion detecting sprinklers around the perimeter?
    2 weeks ago
    I was ready in August 😅
    2 weeks ago

    Huxley Harter wrote:Wow... That sounds really simple.

    I cannot believe I thought that a year ago.

    Travis, how did I you market you vegetables in the early days? Was it mostly word of mouth?
    3 weeks ago
    While you might not be able to interview Joel Salatin he has written several great books on the subject.
    3 weeks ago