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Huxley Harter

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since Jan 31, 2019
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Monticello Florida
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Recent posts by Huxley Harter

Fall report: the basil loved our dry summer this year on their fresh hugel, the seminole pumpkins didn't do very well, probably not enough moisture. The pumpkins took off after the drought and right before the frost, so only one fruit. Some of the peas have rot resistant pods so I will let them reseed when they want.   I just seeded these two mounds with radish, lettuce, chicory, chard, dill, ciltantro, and probably something looks and feels like we're about to get a rainy spell so I think they have a good chance of germintating. As you can see, I'm taking a rather laissez-faire approach recently. I may or may not amp up my style come spring, as next will be my last growing season at this location. At the moment, I'm finding wild foods like cleavers, lettuces, chickweed coming up. I will let y'all know if I will cultivate them as some are popping up in the garden.  Cant figure out photo thing on desktop yet....
1 day ago
Yes it's a great fall. I have a couple hugels and my family has some young citrus. Plenty of failed experiments this summer. The comfrey hated the heat but now is growing out well. I will post some pics tomorrow in this thread:
1 day ago
A good, medium sized knife

A shovel

A large coil of medium rope

An axe

A Bible
2 days ago
Janet Bailey wow! I live in Lloyd, just west of Monticello! Nice to know a Permie is near by.
3 days ago
From a survival perspective, I would have an extremely difficult time without a good knife. With it you can make fire, tool handles, harvest food, pluck splinters, make shelter...etc. On a homestead it is extremely multi functional: without other tools you can prune, harvest, kill, butcher, trim your fingernails, sharpen stakes, cut vinescand brush, start fires.
With a knife, almost any tool can be made (given enough time and skills.)
3 days ago
Cordless drill for screws and holes. Those two tasks can be quite difficult with a screwdriver or hand crank auger.
4 days ago
Projects: Build a toolbox, bee house, sawhorse, tool rack, planter box, mini bookshelf???
4 days ago