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melodie sam wrote:Heya,
i have just embarked on the adventure of pregnancy and all resources i find on-line are mainstream anxiety-filled stuff.

from: what one book you suggest? best diet tips? how did you find your mothers-alike community? did you do ultrasounds, etc.? how to learn to ask for help - my personal fear - later in pregnancy and upon arrival of baby, and to whom? how to manage parents that do no understand rural simple lifestyle and will inundate you with plastic stuff? if you were alone would you get workaway, au pair, share house with another mother?

but also wishing for just your stories and some potential contacts for pen-friends

the challenge is bigger since my partner has got ...'cold feet' (?) and he has left the country upon knowing of our planned pregnancy is positive. this is our second. first was a miscarriage at 10w, just as much time as we are now. we had / have a dream of a simple life, we are over 35, live in countryside, and wished for this; but... somehow this is what it is. we are in contact. i am home. and focusing on my wellbeing - physical, emotional and spiritual - planting next crop, finishing work reports; to say: the shock as subsided but i know i will need help. i'm trusting the right people and situations will come
there are a few other pregnant woman around, with their partners...
thank you immensely

My congratulations! This is great news!
I think that you should first study the topics of proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Perhaps you should get acquainted with the local moms and talk with them about the children and how their pregnancy proceeded.
Now a lot of information on the Internet about pregnancy planning, proper nutrition.
I personally, not by hearsay, know what it is since I bring up two sons.
This resource: contains a lot of information about family planning, international surrogacy, and IVF. Perhaps someone will be useful this information.
Easy pregnancy and childbirth!
1 year ago

Judith Browning wrote:I am excited when I hear of larger scale production of natural dyes.  
SEA ISLAND INDIGO is doing it.

The dying process in commercial clothing manufacture is extremely toxic, so any small attempt at replacing that is 'progress' to me.

I also hope this trend, that I think that I see, leads to homegrown natural dyes having a more significant place in a homestead income stream.

Does anyone in south carolina know of this farm?

This is very cool!