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Does anyone have experience harvesting fog and dew during the dry season in the bay area?I am inagining fog sails and dew catchers all over... keeping the areas that usually brown up green  . Is my big inagination right? we are going to try it.
4 years ago
I plant forage radishes in the fall on the edges of my beds.... they are among the first things to bloom in the spring but they will put out a lot of seed . bees love them and the comfrey too. you can chop and drop the comfrey several times during the season
I was in Ecuador before the earthquake and became friends with a family there... I would like to send suggestions of what to do if your on land but all the infrastructure is unsafe.... people are sleeping outside and water is a major concern... any novel ideas? how to-repurpose the building materaials ? lots of cement blocks... tin... i told my friend about the berkey filter which would work great if you have a stream I know there are filters you can make using sand... I know in permaculture design there is the time element and the order of looking at a problem... like taming the water first them finding where you would put the house then the roads paths and then the zones swales etc... It seems the order which you tackle a problem makes it successful... I guess i'm hoping someone would come up with a permaculture emergency handbook... I have sent them some money Now I'm looking for the best use of it... thanks for any suggestions Sam
4 years ago
I've tried composting my poop with redworms... its seems they do a very speedy job of making it disappear. Is there any good reason not to do this? I've seen a doggie bag worms n dog poop combo... I wouldn't want this in my veggies but humanure worm compost aged could be a good resource I think Sam
5 years ago
thanks guys ... having second thoughts last night I thought I had edited my post and deleted it but it got posted anyway.... It probably wasnt the place for hurt feelings How can I shoot myself when I have leeks and onions coming up to plant? They come first and they don't have feelings...well being a little bit hippie maybe just a little .... I respect Jacks work a lot so I hope this goes mostly unnoticed thanks Sam
6 years ago
I have felt part of this community and I don't know anything about PIMA but in short Im probably somewhat hippie and now I feel totally rejected in principal by the leaders of this community ... not that anyone cares I guess but I hate seeing dividing lines like this so tell me whats so bad about hippies?...should
I shoot myself now or later Sam
6 years ago
hello permies.... I have an old famhouse im renting ..heating with wood in the mts of va. I recently inherited a steinway grand piano which is in tip top shape and needs a climate controlled room humidity and temp to be relatively stable around 70 degrees... 30 humidity.... i plan to insulate or seal the rest of the house as I can get to it and I don't mind it cold but that one room must stay warm.. th ere is a half basement with crawlspace access from the basement to the 2 front rooms. Unfortunately the crawlspace inder the piano room looks inaccessable... very narrow and full of duct work. there is propane heat also but I think one of the ducts is no attached a mouse ate it or something... my thoughts are to use foam board insulation on the floor of the piano room... bubble wrap on the windows and foam board on the floor above. i would just lay the board on the floor and cover with carpet I probably will not walk on the board much at all I wpuld tape it together butuse no nails into the nice wood floors underneath. there are 2 outside walls that I could also use foam board or that reflectivebubblewrap I have half a mind to surronund the foundation with straw bales since the basement is freezing cold and remove the straw to use in the garden in spring.any ideas would be great Sam
7 years ago

Adrien Lapointe wrote:This is about a technical issue which discussion started here.

Samiam, what browser do you use?

thanks I tried firefox and it works
I get a long black box with an x in it no otherwindow opens Sam

Hmmm.... I'm able to get to the podcast AOK.

Here's 2 things to try:
1. When you click on the podcast, does a new web browser window or tab open, that you haven't noticed, yet? That's the way mine works: a new tab opens on the browser, but I have to notice that it's there, and click on the new tab.
2. If that doesn't work, here's a link to the URL that opens for me, on that new tab in my web browser:

Perhaps clicking on that link will work for you.

Good luck and Happy New Year!