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Richard Marula

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since Jan 25, 2019
Vista, California USA. (San Diego county) zone 10a
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Just an FYI about getting woodchips for free. Check out
The tree trimmers can come by your place and dump their load of what they just trimmed and shredded while working near you.
Then I pile it 1' thick around every tree and bush. I have seen a huge improvement in how everything grows now. Happy roots make for a happy plant!
4 months ago
I went to the Firman website and noticed they do offer two generators that are Tri-Fuel (Gasoline , LPG/Propane , Natural Gas). Both have a 439cc engine. They state "Our Max Pro Series 439cc engine runs cool and efficient thanks to its Phoenix Fat Head Block."
One of the generators 9400/7500watt is only offered through Costco and no price was shown. The other is 10,000 watt and listed at $1,299.99. So it sounds like they are identical, or very much so.

8 months ago
I found the chart on this link is helpful for knowing what pipe size is needed to supply adequate Natural Gas to the generator.
8 months ago
I gave the Firman Helpline a call and talked with Christopher. I let him know I have one of their dual-fuel Gasoline or LPG generators. I asked if they offer a conversion kit to Natural Gas. They do not offer a conversion kit. He said that the Natural Gas burns hotter so he did not think they would be offering one in the future either. Has anyone experienced high temperature issues or engine damage due to high temperatures from using Natural Gas?
8 months ago
OK, so I re-read the post by Thomas Rubino and saw that he mentioned US CARBURETION is where he was able to get his conversion kit. The website is . Lots of good info there and answers to FAQs.
8 months ago
I recently (January 2021) purchased a generator to address my wife's concerns for backup power. After looking at some that were available and thinking of issues I have had with my riding mower I selected one that is dual fuel (gasoline and LPG/propane) and that has a manual rope pull starter (along with the pushbutton electric start). Gasoline goes bad while stored , especially if it has ethanol mixed into it and batteries lose their charge while sitting for months on end.
We purchased a Firman model #HO7552 .
It has the following ratings: Starting Watts 9400(gasoline)/8450(LPG) ; Running Watts 7500(gasoline)/6750(LPG) ; Rated AC Voltage 120/240V ; Rated Frequency 60Hz ; Engine Displacement 439cc; I do not find any horsepower ratings which would also vary depending on gasoline or LPG. Price was $850.00 US.
I never intend to put a drop of gasoline in this thing and will only run it on LPG. This way the fuel system will not be destroyed by the cheap ethanol gas that is sold at the pump. Pure gasoline is available at the hardware store but that is $5 per quart or $20 per gallon. So I have propane cylinders lined up ready to use. They can sit for years without the propane going bad.  
The manual rope pull starter was deemed essential because when it is time to run the generator it will be because there is a blackout since the power is out and that means I cannot plug in my battery charger and charge up the battery to start it with the pushbutton electric start! My riding mower has left me stranded due to no manual rope pull start.
Looking at the picture in the above post I see that your conversion kit looks just like the LPG fuel control system on the Firman generator I have.
At my house I do have Natural Gas plumbed in from the local utility company. I would like to run the generator on the Natural Gas instead of the LPG/Propane since it would be an unlimited fuel supply. Then save the LPG cylinders for a catastrophe when both electricity and Natural Gas were not being supplied by the utility company.
Does anyone know what changes would be required to run this unit on Natural Gas? Is there another conversion kit for Natural Gas?
I will mention that Firman does offer different main jets for the carburetor for gasoline operation at different elevations. Standard Main Jet for sea level to 3000 feet ; Altitude Main Jet #1 for 3000-6000 feet ; Altitude Main Jet #2 for 6000-8000 feet.
8 months ago
I am sure both are fine meat rabbits. I have raised them both. You are lucky to have found a breeder near you. I would like to mention a new rabbit developed by Texas A&M University in Kingsville and it is named using those initials. TAMUK. The TAMUK is a heat tolerant rabbit and can stand significant amount of heat compared to all other rabbits. So if you are in a hot part of the country this may be of use to you. Also I have some links for you: good recipes at Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch , cage supplies: (central and eastern USA) and (for western USA ).
1 year ago
My wifes side of the family still has land where Kalapana Black Sands Beach (on the Big Island of Hawaii) used to be. The lava flow in 1990 went around their property, it was Tutu Man's home way back when..., the ancient mango tree is amazing! After the lava cooled , the locals would take a sprouted coconut with them whenever they would would visit the new shoreline/beach. The coconuts would be wedged into a crack or pile a few rocks around it to keep it in place. Now the coconut palms are grown and other life is filling in between them. Whenever a bird lands in a tree it will leave a "little bit of something", adding to your soil.
Would coconuts grow in your area? Ask all of your friends and visitors to bring some coconuts or other hardy plants when they come to visit you, some day they will be able to return and say "I planted that!" :)    
2 years ago
I have been growing three carob trees for just a few years. Two seedlings, a Tylliria and a Santa Fe and one cutting grown Sfax. This last fall the Santa Fe flowered for the first time and it turns out to be a male, . I will graft some fruiting wood onto this tree. The Sfax had a pod on it when purchased, so I have at least one confirmed female. I purchased these trees from Exotica nursery in Vista, California.
I found a good write up on carobs:   which I believe was written in 1987 so keep that in mind when reading it and timelines are mentioned. I also found a nursery in Australia which has grafted carob trees available, Limestone Station in Broken Hill Australia. They advertised 7 varieties: Casuda, Clifford, Sfax, Santa Fe, Irlam, Tylliria, Waite. Maybe they know of how to innoculate a carob tree.  Limestone Station nursery will not ship to me since my location is outside of Australia.
I am in Vista, California (San Diego county) where some very old and beautiful carob trees are growing. One of our schools, Vista Magnet Middle School ( formerly Lincoln Jr High and originally Vista High when built in 1938) has several ancient magnificent trees which I believe were planted when the school was first built in 1938. They may have been planted by Dr Coit who did some carob research in Vista at that time.
Oceanside, California and Coronado Island, California both have many old carob trees growing in their older neighborhoods. I am sure that the only reason the trees are still alive on Coronado Island is due to HOA homeowner rules and restrictions preventing new homeowners from chopping down mature trees. If it is a male tree the new owners don't like the smell during flowering season, and if it is a female they don't like all the pods when the fruit is ripe and starts dropping. Most of these people don't even know the pods are edible, let alone good for you!
I recently purchased carob (Santa Fe and Tylliria) pods from Mulberry Haven in Ojai, California. They primarily sell Mulberry fruit but also have carob pods. Carol Vesecky (owner of Mulberry Haven, 913 Oso Rd. Ojai, CA 93023 ) can be contacted at if you want to buy pods. She also runs a site & for a vegetable growing method in Russia. She is usually pretty busy so be patient for a reply. Her carob pods were featured by John Kohler "Growing your greens" on YouTube.
2 years ago