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since Jan 25, 2019
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Spent the last 5 years as a financial advisor.

Have been moving in the direction of homesteading and permaculture for many years, mainly stemming from my love for food! Food is so important to the birth and death of a civilization! Understanding the role food systems play in creating long-lasting community is a key focus of mine.

Currently studying business analytics at the University of Montana.

My goal is to bring together data science and permaculture, to help farmers better understand their ecosystems and a deeper understanding of their natural environment.
Missoula, MT
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KISS THE GROUND - I'm enrolled in a soil advocacy course.  I'll share with the course instructors and other participants.
1 year ago
My first visit out to Wheaton Labs was very eye opening. It truly helped me get a better sense of the vision and the mission. I am wholeheartedly behind this endeavor and look forward to an amazing PEP program in May!

I'm not the best historian and therefore not many pictures were taken, but I am proud of the finished product. Took much longer than 7 minutes though! In the future I'll be working with very green wood.

I accept that this post most likely does not qualify me for a BB, as I did not properly document the tools used. I just used a hatchet, as shown and a two inch wide chisel.

Side Note: I also used some sandpaper to clean it up. When questioned on the functionality of the beautification of the mallet, I suggest, perhaps the function of  this is to woo a mate, like caveman!


1 year ago
I received a random letter in the mail from someone I met on NYE. It was an amazing feeling. I want to share the love!!!
1 year ago