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i grow my own ""For Meate or Medicine" as they say...
7 months ago
So I'm working with a group to develop a flier to help city folk develop more sustainable eating habits.

Our plan is to canvas people at several of NYC's larger farmer's markets.
We want to make sure we aren't ostracizing farmers who represent meat, poultry and dairy products.

Roughly I am thinking it will go something like this.

Eat as close as possible to the source as you can. - You're at a farmer's market, what percentage of your overall food do you buy here?
Try and develop direct relationships with your farmers. - Do they offer compost pickup? Do they offer filed work exchange?
Are they part of a CSA or other shared risk marketplace?
Extend your CSA market place. - If I bring in X number of customers to CSA would the farm be willing to discount my shares?

Would love love love other suggestions...
7 months ago
Mother Earth Goddess protect my potatoes...
9 months ago
guess i should have read a bit more ... never mind ... :)
9 months ago
So I have an older (1915), wood framed house. The basement is only about 5'6" high in most areas and walls are stone.
Someone did pour a concrete floor at some point but it is rustic, shall we say.

For this, and other reasons, I don't feel comfortable building a rocketmass heater in presently.

I was thinking about composting in the basement over the winter to augment our heating, and perhaps even building a small room to act as a chimney of sorts to direct the heat to the upper levels of the house.
(I sort of want the basement to stay cool to keep veggies)

Anyone doing anything similar or have suggestions or can point me to plans?
9 months ago
thanks thomas, it was fun. it's slowly getting passed around the town. we'll see if it makes it to local lore...
1 year ago
There are some incredibly thoughtful suggestions here and I'm going to try several. Thank you all, what a wonderful community.
1 year ago
thanks frank, that's good advice. i'll get them to show me some installs they have in the area.

it was a two man team, one sales guy and one tech. tech guy did do electrical system inspection and measured inside attic.
they want a refundable deposit before they put a man on the roof to measure.

1 year ago