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Robert Searle

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Recent posts by Robert Searle

I know this is a really old thread, but some things are still relevant..

A comment to the person that had the nightmare of processing food scraps as chicken feed.

look this over..

google for 'Black Soldier Fly Compositing'

Do not feed the scraps to your birds, feed the scraps to flys and feed the grubs to the Chickens and I assure you they will PREFER them to grain.

Essentially, these flys can process 100 lbs of food into 20 lbs of 'Grubs' in 6 days and as about as fast as you add food to the bins (less then 2 days) once things are in full production and scaled to the amount of food you are adding to the bin.

AWESOME traits of growing these grubs is they self harvest, are not a vector for introducing pathogens into your food stream (Adult fly's do not have a mouth) , 60% protein //  10-40% fat depending on the source food, and if done correct DOES NOT STINK or attract fly's (once established).. feed your Chickens, Your FISH ( aquaponics), small pigs, etc

The biological material is processed so fast, its technically not composted yet (not ready for any soil enrichment) It needs processed via vermiculture or composting.

3 years ago