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Central Chile (zone 8-9?)
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Recent posts by Lukas Weissberg

Hi Nick

I too think this is a great oportunity if you are equipped with the necessary pacience to see your project grow!
Since your land is in the mountains, you may want to check out Sepp Holzer. He works in a similar climatic setting in the austrian alps.

Importan: Watch out for regulations (I am Swiss too ...): In which territorial planning zone is your land, and what are the local/cantonal restrictions for the location? If it is steep, you can get govt subsidies under certain circumstances (you have to be a certified farmer). There are bureaucratic hurdles to cut down trees, specially if you have a real forest on parts of your land. If constructing swales, remember you may need a construction permit (different for each municipality). If you are in the agricultural zone, you cannot build anything to live in.

You can find out a lot about the regulatory framework and general information on (that is, forest zones, geology, soil classifications, natural hazards etc)
Then there are the cantonal geoportals. I used to work with this kind of information, feel free to message me where your plot is and I can do some research.

Good luck!
3 months ago
Hi Beth,
Thank you very much for your reply!
Even tough I actually am in Chile, all I have is air humidity. The fog forms only relatively close to the sea, and I get almost none of it on my lot of land. I will have to look into all the research done around using dew.
I was looking into buying an atmospheric water generator, but a reasonable size will cost around 10k USD ...
Are you collecting dew?
3 months ago
Hi everybody,

Living in a mediterranean climate which has been very dry lately (hardly any rain even in winter), I observed that from around fall to spring, the air can be very humid and usually a fair bit of thaw amount in the morning ours on the vegetation.
How can I enhance and harvest this condensation? e.g. put wire mesh fences in between plants?

3 months ago
In county Donegal, a wee little town called Glenncolmcille.
Sights include a church, a medieval graveyard, an napoleonic watchtower, the towns pub plays irish music every night. In short, nothing to see but pure Irishness.
Now for the more known sights, it is close to the Slieve League (huge cliffs over the sea), beautiful beaches like Malin Beg.
3 months ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:
Serving coffee to random workers (strangers) makes me happy. So I'm pretty sure I'll keep being a food (and beverage) pusher.

Would make me happy too. Do good things to others is part of the human family and one of the reasons we have survived. In my opinion, this in combination with high assertiveness / low agreableness / high selfesteem / (...put whatever you find important...) is what brings us together ahead.
5 months ago
One of the recurring topics in Petersons speaches! In the end, you can define for yourself if you are "too" agreeable. It depends entirely on you.

Are you happy being agreeable?

This is a very deep question. Your way of thinking is composed of a belief system (after Peterson and any other reasonable psychologist I know), and these beliefs can be yours, your siblings', your parents', etc. If you want, you can change your beliefs, mostly when you detect that they are not yours. This means you can change your stance on yourself and as well on your agreeableness. I am rather agreeable and feel fine with this way of being, but I have recently learned how to detect when I don't agree, and how to communicate this in a way that is reasonable for me. The benefits are huge.

Keep serving coffee, you are a human being.
5 months ago

Timothy Markus wrote: I`ve got a pretty sweet fucking life, I tell ya.

Hi Tim, just following up on this phrase and on the title of your thread.

Every life is different of course, some worse some better. The overall outcome depends a lot on ones belief system. Every person has a host of beliefs about the world, and these beliefs come from ones childhood and - now it gets weird, but scientifically proven - ones ancestors. Yes, our beliefs are at least in part accumulated over generations (for that specific topic, read Ann Ancelyn Schutzenberger). Anyways, it is usually our belief system that makes us react in certain ways to certain situations, or to life in general.
The good news is that beliefs can be changed. I have lived through such changes myself as I have found a wonderful NLP practitioner who showed me my beliefs and taught me how to change the ones I didn't like.

All the best!
7 months ago

Nick Neufeld wrote: Trying to time the market is a fools game

This is outhright the best advice so far in this thread when talking about investment. Of course one should buy low and sell high, but it is nearly impossible to correctly pick the low or the high. And I would surely not pick a low now, as the world economy is coming out of the health crisis but probably the true economic crisis has not struck yet to its fullest.

Invest your money once the economy is again in a sustainable uptrend. This goes for index funds too, as they too will dive when it gets worse.
7 months ago