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Works suprisingly well!

Although I would be sceptical about accuracy and precision just for the following reasons:

I guess these tools are based on freely available earth surface data provided by satellites. The best of these datasets (Alos Palsar, to my knowledge), has a resolution of 12.5 m. So a countour interval of 2 m, based on data with a resolution of 12.5 m, is purely based on interpolation and NOT real. Might be enough though for basic planning ...

These free data are always in the form of "digital elevation models", and they represent the entire elevations of the surface at sight, including buildings. So if you live in an urban setting, the contours you get might be very inaccurate or even false due to the buildings around you. On the contrary, the "digital terrain models" have buildings and vegetation removed in post-processing, but this is very difficult to achieve with satellite data and is never the case for free datasets.

18 minutes ago

Charli Wilson wrote:So the docs have decided I have high blood pressure- its been the same for the past decade but suddenly it is apparently a problem!

eat a reasonable diet

Hi Charli
My 5 cent here ...

First. Change your doctor. Many traditional mainstream doctors will give you pills, and when your value gets to whithin a certain range, they call victory. Only a holistic or alternative doc will look at you in a complete way: sleep pattern, exercise, thiroid function, other organs, familiy history, allergies, intolerances, fungal infections etc.

Second. Maybe you want to revise your diet. By what standard is it "reasonable"? Depending on your body, you might want to give up gluten, or lactose, or meat, or pork, or carbs, or fats or .... etc.

Third. Take some sessions with a psychologist. Many chronic deseases and other physical conditions have their underlying cause in the mind. Mental conditions can get transmitted through the generations, without us knowing. Getting concient about all this, helps you decide about your own life, and about your health. I recommend somebody from the corner of NLP, family constellations, genosociograms etc. In my experience, these guys get you right to the point with unconcious work, helping and healing, instead of keeping you in endless sessions.

(disclaimer: this is not medical advice, just personal experience)
1 month ago
Of course salt and sugar are hydroscopic - but once they are saturated, they will not keep attracting water. Also they will retain the water due to their hydroscopic nature. And what the videos show is that within months, you can creat creeks with this method, full of clean fresh water flowing freely ...

1 month ago
I have stumbled across information (youtube videos) which claims that you can sow water by burying salt and sugar in holes in your garden. Some months later you will have water.
source: youtube search results (sorry, only in spanish ...)

I was rather surprised! Apart from the lack of any credible physical-chemical-geological explanation, the experiments are done in Colombia, seemingly in the Coffee Zone where water is not really scarce.
Wonder if anybody here has a more sound opinion on this?

1 month ago

Sam Allison wrote:I walk a lot, do so much gardening, lifting, work in a pretty manual job but just do not put any muscle on at all.  Even when I walk 10 miles a day, 2 or 3 days a week I don’t build any leg muscle.

These are all low intensity activities performed during hours. For building muscles, you want to perform the highest intensity workout possible for you. I lift weight once per week until my muscles reach failure. Then eat a lot, and eat well - lot's of things have been said already.
Look up on Youtube the videos of the 21Convention, specially Doug McGuff, they have some excellent, science based content on diet and exercise.
1 month ago
As Catie said, do these tests ... the nerves in your mouth will feel silt grains, but not clay. T
here is virtually no way of "seeing" if a layer is clay or silt, as the grains are too small for your eye to see (contrary to sand, which grains you see very well). But the differences the clay has on soil cohesion and water retention capacity are enormous.
1 month ago
Hola Guillermo

Many people advocate NOT to do this! If you google, you will see that a debris flow was created like that.
The point is that by combining a hugelkulture with swale, you combine non-consolidated, spongy woody material with a source of water. Geotechnically this is a nightmare, since it is unstable and with any trigger it might start to move. Depending on the angle of the slope, it can move with velocities of 2 - 20 meters per second and damage infrastructure and people.

1 month ago
Hi Billy

Ice Plant comes to mind. It is a succulent native to South Africa (or some say South America). According to Wiki, it is invasive in many places. Here in Chile they use it on virtually every road cut for natural stabilization. It occurs as well on the beach on dunes.  

It does have:
Draught tolerant
Edible leaves
Edible fruit

It does not fix nitrogen, and I have no clue about shade tolerance and alkalinic soils.

2 months ago
Thanks Ayalp for the backup

Reading your and other posts, I might not concur completely in some respects.  

No physical activity makes you loose weight. What makes you loose weight is calory deficit, which is notoriously difficult to achieve for many people with exercise since exercise makes them hungry. A strong mind will help. Further, you need to generate a hormonal environment that allows your body to burn his own fat. Usually such hormonal environments are low in insulin, aka low-carb ketogenic diets (I know that they are controversial, but they seem logic to me). And take care of your insulin (in-)sensitivity by doing intense exercise. In this regards, weight lifting until you reach positive muscular failure, is said to do the job.

Cardio does not exist. There is no exercise that targets the heart muscle specifically and exclusively. The heart muscle accelerates or decerelates as a function of your activity level. If you take your muscles to their max, you will take your heart to the max. Passing slightly the maximum will induce adaptations in both.

For @james whitelaw ,

At 66 my goal is to re-acquire the ability to rise from a sitting position without using my arms or any other assistance.

I was looking for that scientific article I found some years ago for strength training, but am not able to find it. They basically put some 85 to 95 year old people in a retirement home into a strength training schedule, which included what I described above: High Intensity Training, in the sense of taking your target muscles to failure (note the absence of "interval", which is again different). I remember they described effects like the one you are looking for, and others like an increase in walking speed of +500% for a particular person.
2 months ago
Hi Trace

Great input! I am not surprised.

a person needs to train for that specific attribute

Attribute as of skill? Agree. If you want to improve your marathon time, train marathon. Nonetheless, strength training will also contribute to improve your performace if done right and if it leads to strength gains. Ultimately performance is skill-specific.

some of the strongest people in the world can barely make it up a flight of stairs without having a heart attack

This surprises me. What might be the reason?

2 months ago