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At 27 I left my career in law enforcement took my wife and kids into the woods built a completely off-grid self-sufficient house and grew lots of food for the rest of my days... This was about 6 months ago.
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I am still trying to work on the air flow thing. I have a air intake vent and a out air vent similar to you would set up a root cellar but even with the assistance of a fan it doesn't seem to move enough air. So I need to adapt and experiment some more. I will update this tread if I have any break throughs.
1 week ago
I honestly never solved my issue with humidity. I had the bag of wheat bran that grew similar fuzz on the outside but on the inside was fine. I did move it out of the pantry trying to get more air flow so it sat in my open living room and didn't grow any further mold.
1 week ago
I live in a very hot humid climate and I have a large pantry about 10ftx10ft with an 8ft ceiling. When the house was built I positioned the pantry in the north west corner of the house. We do not have AC in the house and I have the pantry additionally insulated I designed to operate similar to the air exchange of a root cellar with a air intake pipe in the lowest corner of the room leading outside and another pipe to release the hot air in the opposite top corner of the room leading outside. When it was finished late last year late summer it seemed to work really well at keeping the room a lot cooler that the outside air and the rest of the house.

But this spring I have been battling the humidity I have mold growing on things and moisture ruining all of our salt. The temperature in the room has also seemingly stopped being cooler and now most of the time feels hotter. I have a tiny solar array that provides us with power so a electric dehumidifier is out of the question. I installed a inline fan in an attempt to better circulate the air but that doesn't seem to help and i am not sure how to get this under control. My only thought to help with temperature is burying a length of air intake pipe outside the house and tie it in to my air intake to the pantry to see if it would help the bring the temperature down of the air passing through but I am not sure what else to try.  I have very limited money but I have lots of time so any suggestions would be helpful for either issue.

Thank you in advance
1 month ago
I am excited your book got published I was very happy to buy you seed collection to help support the book. I am looking forward to reading the book I'm sure it'll be very eye opening and helpful in my journey into landracing my garden.
1 month ago

George Yacus wrote:What are your long term goals for said ducks:

A) Pets,
B) Wild creatures, or
C) Dinner?

They are my children's pets but they are too messy to keep near the house and being that we live off of rainwater it's hard to keep a pool filled expecially as often as I have to change the water. They are happy at the pond and I want them to live as naturally as possible but I think I may have spoiled them early on and now they expect to be served food regularly.
3 months ago
I have four Khaki Campbell ducks I took in from someone that had too many and I have an enclosure for them near my house but now that they are full grown it's too small for them to be in full time.  I have been taking them to a nearby large natural pond on the property and at first when I took them in the morning they would stay until about 5pm before finding their way home and want to be let back in. In the last week or so I take them to the pond and they come back almost immediately. I've tired feeding them there and completely refusing to feed them at the house. My long term plan was to have them live entirely off of what they can forage which they appear to have no problem finding.

I was thinking that they are just trying to manipulate the system and see if they get more food if I take them back to the pond.
3 months ago
I just recently learned about the wonderful world of EM and Bokashi, I just received my first bottle of EM1 and started a batch of activated EM. Everywhere I look online it is said that the motherculture can be used to produced about 20 times its original volume. It seems like in theory you would never have to buy EM1 mother culture again since you should be able to use the Activated EM to make new batches since its all the same Microbes and feeding process. But I have not seen online or heard anyone mention them extending their activated EM beyond what the original motherculture provided, is this just not a thing you can do or is it just something so obvious to everyone else that they do this and its just never mentioned?

AM I MISSING SOMETHING OR DO I HAVE A COMPLETE MISUNDERSTANDING OF HOW MICROBES WORK IN THEIR REPRODUCTION?!?! It would just be very nice if someone help me fill the gaps in my knowledge
6 months ago
I am currently planning my food forest for my new property. The area that are that I'm planting is full of old growth and pine and oak. It's not a closed canopy but the entire understory is over grown with trifoliate orange, cherokee rose, yaupon, and chinese privet.

I was thinking about trying to plant blueberries around the pine trees. The thought is that the pine trees provide a more acidic environment in the soil that would benefit the blue berries.

Has anyone done this before that can share their outcome or maybe if it failed what they think went wrong?

9 months ago
I have some very large oaks that may do well as roosts for them. I have basically no experience with have poltry of any kind so guinea fowl sound right up my alley. Now I just need to track down a good source for them.
10 months ago