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Recent posts by Sheri Rasko

Hi .. I'm in Alabama and got a farm started...
2 weeks ago
Hi... I'm 50 and starting a family farm in North Alabama.  I'm a pagan . I have 16 chickens .  I have gardens with veggies.. My boys are grown and on their own..   You can message me if you would like to chat..
3 months ago
Would you be interested in moving to alabama?
4 months ago
Hi... I would like to chat... We can email
11 months ago
Hello.. I'm in North alabama..  Can you give me more information please
Thank you
Hi... I'm Sheri.. I'm 49 own a small piece of land in Alabama. I would be interested in getting to know you... We can talk on email and see if we think alike... My email is sherirasko@
Hi... I'm in Alabama also... I'm 49 and my boys are grown. Just wanted to say hi...
We can talk though email if you want my name all small letters at ymail
I have only posted 1 other time on here till today... I don't know if I did the purple thing right..
I sent you a message so not to fill up your thread so much...