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Recent posts by Christopher Lopez

This experience was great. I learned a lot and got a taste of permaculture. I was unable to stay much longer due to a large household that depends on me. So for now I will say good bye to Wheaton Labs. My experience here will forever be a part of me. Thank you Paul and Jocelyn for the hospitality and Fred for the patience you endured. All my felllow boots farewell to you all and it was great living in community with you. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
Today was a pretty adventurous day. I posted a pic of a very stubborn nail that wouldn't come off and broke Robbies hammer then flung Him pretty far. There was also some styrofoam looking snow and I cooked some decent pasta.
We did some more homesteading in the winter type of stuff today like shoveling some snow and remolding the library for the benefit of the residents here now, and in the future.
We got some more wood in to finish the rolling shelves and some other pending projects and we got started on some new book shelves.  I also included a picture of my new favorite piece of glass.
Work in progress. Meanwhile, enjoy some random pictures of things in the library.
Today we got started on some rolling shelves. A lot of cuts made and screwing together in place to make the blueprint manifest into a hefty shelf.
I finally got a shot of a turkey over by the willow feeder. I started working on a wooden spoon.
Snow covered hügelculture, a bat cage and some of Robbie's fine cooking.
End of the work week and we finished another shelf, well the framing. We’re waiting for the store to restock the wood we need. Meanwhile,we did some organizing on the new shelves with Jocelyn and helped Paul level out the saw counter, by shaving off some very thin layers, so that we can install the new saw.
The shelf-a-thon continues as I started out today by helping Robbie reconstruct the pass way shelf into a different height, while Fred went to pick up another load of lumber. Then we continued applying supports and cutting shelf flooring to measured sizes, including cutting grooves into needed areas.