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Recent posts by GregA Aronoff

Recently Redesigned Course Curriculum

OSU's Permaculture Design Certificate was recently redesigned based off previous participant feedback, and this is your first opportunity to take advantage of this new material. Updates include:

* Course curriculum reordered to be up-to-date with latest pedagogical developments in the permaculture field.
* Assignments redeveloped and refined based on feedback from students and instructors.
* A custom report template created that you can use for all assignments, which becomes the permaculture design report for your project. This template includes user-friendly assessment and design graphic tools for you to work with.
* All new videos of thriving permaculture systems from multiple countries and climate zones.
* New multimedia "lightboard" presentations covering an array of topics.
* A new series of presentations created in an Augmented Reality Sandbox to show 3D animations of water flow in permaculture systems.

Each of these changes utilize the latest technologies and insights from OSU's instructors for an online course experience that will allow you to thrive.

Engage With an Online Community

You will engage with peers through the program’s discussion boards, where you can receive and provide feedback and follow each project’s progress. You will learn from peers by sharing your own permaculture design plan and viewing other projects from diverse climates and environments.

Learn more at .
I have a quick question and wanted to see if you could help.

I’m with Oregon State University and we have an online Permaculture Design Certificate that starts January 7.

Before it begins, I wanted to see if we can make it even better.

Question –

What are your two top permaculture design questions/issues that we absolutely need to cover?

Thanks for your time.

Oregon State University Professional and Continuing Education