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since Nov 28, 2018
I've lived in texas most of my life.i now live not to far from Jacksonville TX..I've gotten into gardening somewhat. I got into home canning,which i love doing.
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Recent posts by jim loggin

i came across this recipe a few years ago.in which i removed the ingredients i don't care for.and added 1 or 2 ingredients. plys it seems like i increased the amount of 1 or 2 ingredients. .i love left over meatloaf sandwiches.  

1 packet of onion soup mix
3 lb's of beef or vinisin
1 large egg
3/4 cup of milk
3 tablespoons of catsup
3 table spoons of brown sugar
1 tablespoons of yellow musturd
2 to 4 tablespoons of heinz red wine vinegar
1.preheat oven to 350f
2.mix the ingredients.then mix into the beef..
3..mix bread/cracker crumbs to disired thickness
4.form the combination into a well packed loaf shape in a 13x9x2 loaf pan
5.bake uncovered for about one hour.when done turn oven off.take meatloaf from oven.drain grease from pan.then spread meatloaf topping over top of meatloaf.
6.replace into over for 5 minutes.then it's ready to serve and eat.
7 months ago
ive heard for years that pickle juice. works with foot and calf/leg cramps.I'm not sure if it's low Electrolytes. or cacium or what ever.but what's worked for me over the years.is rasins.i normally get them not coated with sugar. but i wonder if sugar coated rasins would work better.
8 months ago
what I've done in the rent home i moved from.i'd keep a small electric space heater in there during the winter only..seeing how it can be cold in there during the winter.i'd turn it on and close the door.come back 5 to 10 minutes later.and it'll be plenty warm in there.then id turn the hot water on..that not only adds moisture to the air.but warms things up in there a lil more. as well.
1 year ago
I've often thought about life without electricity. the longest ive gone without it is 3 days on 2 occasions. Tornadoes is the cause of it each time.i was able to borrow a gas generator the 1st time.i borrowed a ice chest the 2nd time.between it and the one i already have.allowed me to save my refrigerator foods.freezer foods remaind frozen.both situations allows me to at lest have a good idea to what life would be like with no electric. on a permanent basis..that's one reason i got into home canning.seeing how meats as well as other foods can be canned.i deffently need to learn ways of cooking and canning without electric and gas.
1 year ago
i don't need or care for scented any thing.for laundry.dishes shampoo's. to what ever.and i won't. and don't use fabric softner or the cling free sheets.i wash my clothes n other stuff in everyday detergent.then dry it..I'm a happy camper with that.
1 year ago
I have a pom as well.in which she has the same coloration.

Dale Hodgins wrote:Gave my daughter's dog Theo, a bath and then took him for a walk at the beach.

1 year ago
Might look into solar powered waterfalls to circulate the water.might go with them and gypsum if that proves worth while.but yet.thats a big maybe.
1 year ago
Wind chimes is a good idea.

How about making candle's. Keep what you want.either give away and/or sell the others.and the outside of the cans can be decorated in some way ..
1 year ago
Thats why i prefer doing most of my canning duting the winter.but as for as sumner time canning goes.i'll either get a esrly start.in which i can 1 batch only.before the heat of the day starts setting in.then start up again after 6pm.

Michael Moreken wrote:Gas energy i.e. gas stoves I looked at getting but found out they are great with power failures, but tend to heat the house up.

As for as a 8 inch electric burner goes..chances are.it'll work just fine.
1 year ago
Sitting outside and watching folks go by,while drinking my morning coffee.and spoiling my lil brat..
1 year ago