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Recent posts by Isaac Jamieson

I too would be interested. I have never purchased or read a permaculture book. This is because as I have delved further into permaculture my life has become busier.
I love reading books, but haven't finished a book in the last few years.
I do listen to audio while I garden, however.
1 year ago

Steve Thorn wrote:

It's neat to see your plants getting going for the Spring, as mine are getting ready to slow down for the Fall.

Excited to see how it turns out!

Time to observe.

I'll keep you guys posted if anything happens, whether it be nothing much, disease, or vigorous growth.

Hoping for the latter.

1 year ago
Thanks Phil.
I wonder if adding additional soil makes the crown less elevated.
I'm thinking kind of no, because the crown isn't actually going deeper, but kind of yes, because it now has more soil above it.
Let's hope that it is not too much of an issue. The soil I added was from under deciduous trees, light and full of humus. Being light is probably a good thing, but being full of organic material, this holding more water may be an issue, right?

I'm thinking that I could observe for symptoms, and if they develop, I could remove mulch and soil. I'm also thinking that the start of spring is a good time to try this, as we are heading away from our wet season here. That way, the desired roots may develop sufficiently that if I end up removing the extra soil, they will still do their thing.

What symptoms should I look for?

My soil is pretty good for nearly a foot then becomes heavy clay. I believe it's acidic, although I haven't tested it.
1 year ago
Ok. I'm back to forest building.

I've wounded the trunk above the graft and added soil and mulch.

First I made some space as the daisy that protects the mandarin was rubbing on the trunk and its early Spring here, so more exposure to the world is in order.

The mandarin is not quite up to my hip height now. It will be interesting to observe its growth in the future.
1 year ago
"Stay in school"

(Freedom to learn can be more awesome)
1 year ago

I suggest reading this thread that covers woodchip safety. My biggest concern with your last load is that while moving it you may inhale a lot of mold spores.
1 year ago
Steve, you remind me to be grateful that I can grow citrus. I've learnt, after a few tries, how to pamper citrus. My parents have better soil for citrus, but I can make it work.

I'll give the soil over graft plus wounding trick a go when I return from the holiday I'm on.  It will be early Spring here soon, so hopefully the trees growth will increase noticeably.

I will keep you posted.
1 year ago
No worries, Shawn.

I think you've done a great job.
I'm looking forward to sharing the book with friends and family. Especially the doom and gloom activist types who could have a much greater impact by, you know, taking action.
1 year ago
Speaking of ordering bulk and postage, I ordered 12 physical books. Postage to Australia. The postage was not discounted for multiple items. If you guys can send it cheaper, you score!

Also, reading that the book was at the printer's prompted me to search harder for the email that revealed how to get my creative name in the book.
It (the link to the survey) was in my wife's email account as she has the kickstarter account.

I completed the survey just now. Pretty confident that it's still far too late to have my creative name included. Right?

That will teach me to be more organized 😉
1 year ago
I have built up a mound prior to planting my lime tree, as my soil has a lot of clay and gets very wet. It is going fine. I've never thought of building the mound after planting.

Adding soil above the graft? Brilliant!

Thanks for the inspiration.

This should generally make the tree more vigorous, right?

I'm now thinking of doing this to my mandarin, which is slow growing, and to my small, young lemon. Because I think they could use the vigor in my heavy soil and I don't mind bigger plants.
1 year ago