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Recent posts by Fabio Rinaldi

darin maas wrote:Can I use just regular straw or is wheat straw the best for oyster mushrooms?

Generally speaking the straw is wheat straw but you can use every genre of straw (wheat, rice and so on). Oyster grows on many substrates included paper.
3 months ago
hello! thanks for the replies. I will try to dig one and try to understand if i can multiply by roots.

From the PFAF website I've read it is in flower between september and october. Once the flowers die I would like to put a paper bag over the stem and tie with a string to save seeds..

Hello, this is my first post in this section!
I'm Fabio from Italy and I'm a farmer trying to convert the farm into a natural farm. I'm mainly following Jadam method and I am looking for wild plants that can be used into the JHS (Jadam Herbal Solution). I'm interested in control aphids and ants, because they really love my hemp plants, and some vegetables too.

I've found a wild plant, with a very strong smell: Inula viscosa. Unlucky the plants are few and grow on rocks...i would like to collect seeds and multiply for future use, but I don't know how. I'm quite sure the smell is a repellent for insects.


Su Ba wrote:No

Goodmorning Mr. Su Ba,
I have in mind to re-built my compost pile because hens created a disaster spreading all the compost around the place where it *should* to be. I liked your and your composting method and I want to create some.

There are some suggestions you can give from your experience? Location...structure...future maintenance...door..

For example I can't understand the kind of plastic film you used and how did you fix to the structure.

7 months ago
Thanks..nice setup. So don't you mix the pile. right?
8 months ago
Hello Su Ba,
I'm sure and happy your microbes are multiplying, but I was referring to JMS, it's the Jadam Microbiological Solution, you take non chlorinated water, raw salt, soil from the mountains and a potato like food source for microbes. In this way you'll multiply microbes before pouring them into your composting bins. This means saving time and pour them in abundance!

However I'm curious, if you can share a photo your compost bins!


Ps. Checked your blog..are the pallets boxes?
8 months ago

Su Ba wrote:I'm more of a K.I.S.S. sort of person. (...).

Sure, you're getting the whole microbiome. I don't know if it works successfully, if you don't multiply it...but yes you're using what's at the base of the JMS method.

8 months ago
I use dried sawdust/chips without spraying microbes. In future I count to spray JMS. Another idea is to pour LAB on the compost pile when I remove the sawdust/chips litter.

Actually, without turning it, I use the composted litter like compost for pots. If I have many I distribute it over the ground. I don't know how is the weather where you live, but raised beds are suggested if the ground where you farm is often damp. If you suffer of dry weather the raised bed won't be a good solution, check for sunken beds. This is just a suggestion for a family vegetable garden...if you go industrial don't waste time going for sunken beds!

10 months ago
Dear Jadamers!
JADAM book, page 216, paragraph "17. Examples of Jadam fertilizer programs" :

A) Dr. Cho suggested to use 60 lt of GC-JLF, is this supposed to be the undiluted input to add to the 500 lt of diluted JMS solution?

B) Adding 1.5 kg of sea salt for a 3300 sqm surface, diluted in 1000 times means 1500 liters?

Won't the repeated sea salt treatment, 3-4 times before transplanting or flowering, over-salinize the ground?
10 months ago
Ciao permies!
next spring I would like to plant strawberries on my vegetable garden. I have a quite big surface to cover with strawberries on ground and "out of ground" (shelves?).

I would like to try growing strawberries before more plants.

Is there any book  you suggest or info resource (website/pdf) about growing organic strawberries?

Thanks from a very rainy Italy,
10 months ago