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since some years I print 3d parts with a standard 30x30x30cm PLA / ABS FFF printer. The limits are the dimensions and the materials that can be printed with standard household printers. Industry printing is a different game. They print large items and also use sintering to print metal. Pretty interesting development. In household printers also resins are used - mostly because it is much faster than fused filament fabrication.

If you can get hold of someone with an industrial laser sinter 3d-printer... let me know!
2 months ago
I think this is the wrong comparison. Wood is high in lignin and it will not digest or actually it will just take forever. If you want gas out of wood there is only one choice and that is pyrolysis.
6 months ago
At 0° to 5°C you will get 0 to nothing in biogas production. Even worth the water inside the digester will start freezing at 0°C and by that could damage the system. I don't know how much gas you expect to be produced but within feces there isn't that much energy left that can become biogas. Then heating the system with additional energy might get you on the negative side of the energy balance. And on a side node 20°C isn't the right temperature: it is 37°C.
9 months ago
yes, they are out of business. Afaik for a long time. If there are plans somewhere... hmm. I think I put them up some time ago...
11 months ago
First we need to divide between continuous and discontinuous systems. Discontinuous systems are filled, digest and emptied. Lot of work. Pretty useless for a toilet.
Continuous systems are usually filled with water so that the entire environment is anaerobic. One the one side something goes in, while the same amount gets out on the other side.

So a flush toilet that comes with water is ideal because if you want to get the shit into the system water is the ideal transport medium.
The digestion process is not exothermic. It needs to get on temperature to function properly.

With the humanure of one family you are not getting far. There is not that much energy left in humanur. If you can combine it with compostable non-lignin containing material you will get far better results.
In my opinion humunur in a biogas system is always just an addition to the other stuff that you are feeding in when we talk family scale digesters.

11 months ago